Moviescounter Proxy: Alternatives, Movies, Top Searches

Large numbers of people don’t prefer to go to cinemas to watch their favorite movies. They intend to watch them online or even download them. A lot of websites offer these movies online and one of them is Moviescounter. It is considered one of the biggest online movies website. This website contains Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Japanese, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, and Pakistani movies.

Some of the movies are also available in two languages. In addition to movies released during recent years, Moviescounter has movies from the previous century as well.


This is the reason why despite having pirated content and being banned in a lot of countries, this website is constantly getting more and more popular.

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Questions That are Frequently Asked about Moviescounter

Moviescounter is very popular among movies fan but since it is a torrent website so people have lots of questions regarding this website. People ask

Is moviescounter safe to use?

How can movies be downloaded from moviescounter?

Is torrent necessary for downloading from moviescounter?

Is moviescounter an illegal website?

How has been moviescounter working freely without being caught?

What types of movies are there on moviescounter?

Is there a mobile phone application for moviescounter?

What are the best alternatives to moviescounter?

Does moviescounter have any Hindi dubbed movies?

How To Download Movies from Moviescounter?

Downloading a movie from this website is one of the easiest tasks you will ever need to do.

  • Open the website and enter the name of the movie you desire to download in the search bar available on the home page.
  • The movie will be shown along with the available video quality like 720p etc.
  • Click on the movie name.
  • A large blue bar will be shown on which download will be written. Click this bar.

Now the movie will start downloading and you can enjoy it once it is fully downloaded.

Best Alternatives

Although moviescounter is a big website having thousands of movies but in case someone doesn’t find their desired movie on this website then they can look on other websites as well which also serve the same purpose. Some of them are:

Features of Moveiscounter

Moviescounter being one of the most significant torrent websites has a lot of unique qualities that make it a fan favorite. Some of these features are:

  • This website not only provides Hindi or English movies but also movies in multiple regional languages of India.
  • Moviescounter has movies from the 1980s and 1990s as well.
  • These movies can be downloaded without any price.
  • Moviescounter does not show any pop-up ads like most of these types of websites.
  • Recently released movies are available on this website generally within the first week of their release.

Top Searches Related to Moviescounters

As it is a very famous movie website so a lot of people search about it daily. Some of these searches are given below:

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