123movies Proxy: Alternatives, Movies, Top Searches

Millions of people prefer watching pirated versions of movies rather than going to cinemas because pirated versions are free of cost but watching movies in a cinema is a bit expensive. As a result, there are thousands of online websites that offer these pirated versions and one of them is 123movies.

123movies was released somewhere in 2015 or 2016 from Vietnam. But it became so much popular quickly that it was the most used pirated website in the United Kingdom in 2016. This alerted the authorities and efforts were started to take down this website.


In March 2018, the website was closed but it released many copycat websites that were released the same year and the website is still working successfully.

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Questions That are Frequently Asked About 123movies

123movies is a very renowned website and is very popular so people are generally very curious about it. Also because of the fact that this website is full of pirated content so people are worried about the security of their devices or their data. So people ask many different types of questions regarding 123movies. Some of them are:

Using 123Movies is illegal. The content offered on the platform is pirated, and every country has different rules and regulations related to the use of prohibited content. But in a nutshell, piracy is always restricted and illegal.

One needs to follow quite simple steps to download movies from 123Movies. Start with visiting the platform and enter the title in the search bar given on the website. Once you locate the movie, click on download formats such as mp3 or mp4. Wait for the download to start, and once done, you can enjoy the entertainment content.

Yes, there are various Hindi movies available on 123Movies. All the latest and trending titles are very readily available on the platform and can be searched with just a click.

Using the mirror or proxy links or VPN is the best way to access the 123Movies to download movies without being caught. But still, it is essential to pay proper attention while using them to avoid any kind of lapses.

The content that is offered on the 123Movies is pirated. The platform has no license to give access to such content. Another reason is that it provides access to the latest movies to its viewers, causing a loss of revenue to the entertainment industry.

No, using the 123Movies is not safe. The original site is taken down, and there are various mirror and proxy links available online. It can be harmful and can sometimes inject malware too.

Most of the links are proxy or mirror links which make them less safe to be used. Also, the movie links on the platform can sometimes lead to viruses or malware as the platform contains pirated copies. So it is better to be careful.

How To Download Movies from 123movies?

Downloading a movie is much more fun and convenient than watching the movie online. If the internet connection is slow and you are watching a movie online, it may buffer. But the downloaded movie has no such problems and works perfectly fine if the internet is slow or not working. 123movies also allows users to download movies very easily.

  • Open the website and search for your desired movie through the search bar.
  • Click on the link you want to open.
  • Select the download in the HD section.
  • You can then select the quality of the movie by choosing between several links.

Now enjoy your downloaded movie.

Best Alternatives

Despite the fact that 123movies somehow managed to survive even it was forced to shut down in 2018, but still it doesn’t rule out the possibility that the website won’t be shut down again and this time it might not survive. So it is advised to always keep the alternatives of 123movies in your mind. Some of them are:

Features of 123movies

123movies gained so much popularity in very less time because its users were satisfied because of the services offered by the website. 123movies always manages to provide the most reliable links to viewers who are not corrupted. Also, this website has certain distinguishing features which make it unique. Those features are:

  • 123movies also provides a vast collection of TV shows and series.
  • Downloading is a very simple and easy process.
  • It does not show users a large number of ads.
  • All the movies and shows are absolutely free.
  • It provides videos of multiple qualities.

Top Searches Related to 123movies

123movies is being used by people from many countries. Each and every one of them has their own way of looking for this website. Every day this website is searched on Google in many phrases but some of the most commonly searched phrases are:

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  • 123movies proxy
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  • Is 123movies a safe site?

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