Jio Financial Services Share Price Target 2024, 2025, and 2026

As we know Reliance Industries Limited is one of the largest companies in India. Jio Financial Services Limited is a part of Reliance Industries Limited. The company is a non-banking finance company and is currently involved in a few businesses but with time it will start working on the other business or products. So, Jio Financial Services’ share price target for 2024, 2025, and 2026 can be big for the long term.

Jio Financial Share Price Target

Jio has the data of millions of Indians from its Jio company. According to some websites, Jio has data of 43 – 44 Crore people. As Jio has data so, the company can easily analyze the data and target market to boost the business. But as of now, it is not cleared how this thing will work in the future.

Jio Financials Services Limited is involved in multiple businesses and according to some news, it will be involved in many other businesses in the future too. In a few words, it is just the beginning of the company.

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About Jio Financial Services

Jio Financial Services Limited was founded in 1999 and its IPO was listed in the stock market on 21 Aug 2023, it was a demerger from the Reliances Industries. The current managing director of Jio Financial Services Limited is Mr. Hitesh Kumar Sethia.

Jio Financing Services Ltd is a non-banking financial service provider in India. Jio Finance provides a lot of services like insurance, payments, mutual fund services, loans, and many more services. More services can be also added with time.

As of now, Jio Financial Services Limited has many products on thick the company is working and provides services. The products or services are Payment Bank, Payment Solutions, Insurance Broking, Lending, and many more…

There are also a lot of subsidiaries like Reliance Industrial Investments and Holding Limited, Jio Industrial Management, Reliance Retail Insurance, Reliance Retail Finance, Reliance Payments, and more…

We recommend you check their office website for more information in detail. As the company is new, enough data is not available. Once we get the data we will add more information here.

Company Fundamentals

From the fundamentals, you can know about the company in detail like the strength of the company, the right value of the company, the position of company among the all companies of the same sector, financial statements, growth of the company, and many more.

Most probably you are a retail investor, It is highly recommended to do a fundamental analysis of the stocks in which you are investing or already invested. In case, you know how to do a fundamental analysis of companies you can learn it from the Internet.

Note: The fundamentals of the Jio Financial Services company were last updated on 10 Feb 2024.

Profit Growth (Last 5 Years)

YearProfit (In Crores)
March 2019NA
March 2020NA
March 2021NA
March 2022NA
March 2023₹31.25

Quarterly Results (Profits)

QuarterProfit (Crores)
Dec 2022N/A
Mar 2023NA
Jun 2023₹332
Sep 2023₹668
Dec 2023₹294

Company Essentials

Market Cap₹1,73,349CrROE0.00%
P/E Ratio (TTM)NAEPS (TTM)0.05
P/B Ratio1.52Div Yield0.00%
Industry P/E18.91Book Value179.62
Debt to Equity0.00Face Value10

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByHolding %
Other holders0.00%

Key Points

  • In the recent quarter, promoters have increased their holdings but FIIs and DIIs decreased their holdings in Jio Financial Services Ltd compnay.
  • Jio Financial Services Limited is debt debt-free compnay.

Quarterly Results

As the compnay listed recently and working separately after demerger from Reliance industries. As of now, we have quarterly result of the last 3 quarters.

In the Jun 2023 quarter, the net profit of the compnay was near Rs. 332, in the Sep 2023 quarter the net profit was Rs. 668 Crore, and in the latest quarter i.e. the net profit is Rs. 294 Crore. Which is lowest net profit as compared tp the previous quarters.

Thumb Rules for Investing

Just by doing fundamental analysis, anyone cannot book maximum returns on the stocks. Based on the investors’ experiences a few basic rules become the t rules for investing. In short, most retail investors or newbie investors make the below mistake as a result they do not get the maximum return on their investing.

These rules apply to the maximum sectors’ stocks. If you are new in the market or don’t have enough knowledge you should follow the rules to make your self psychology strong.

Rule #1: Do not invest all the money in one sector’s stocks. No matter what is the future of the sector. In case you invested all the money in one sector, if the sector faces any issue, you’ll be in a huge loss.

Rule #2: Invest a maximum of 5% – 6% of the total money in any stock. Suppose you have Rs. 1 Lakh the invest only 5000 – 6000 in any stock. This rule is applicable when you are retail, and can not track all the stocks.

Rule #3: Invest in a maximum of 2-3 stocks of a sector. When any sector faces problems then other sectors’ stock will save you from huge losses.

Rule #4: Invest in stock when the stock is available at a 10% low from its 52-week high. Some people invest in stocks at high, and as a result, they do not get good returns on their investments.

Rule #5: Invest in stocks for at least 5 – 7 years to get very high returns. Keep booking the profit from time to time.

Rule #6: Keep averaging the stock if everything is right in the company and the stock is available at a high discount due to any market crash.

Rule #7: Before Investing in any stock make sure you check its fundamental and related news. It will help you to stay away from the stock which can give you huge losses.

Jio Financail Share Price Target

Bajaj Finance is the tough competitor of Jio Financial Services Limited. As of now, Bajaj Finance Limited is the largest player in the non-banking finance industry. In many businesses, the market share of Bajaj Finance is very high. On the other hand, Jio Financail Services has some extra advantages so, the Jio Financail Services share price target for 2024, 2025, and 2026 can be easily achieved.

As Jio have already data of millions of people in India with this data they can simply promote their products and services to users very easily. As a result, they can make their place in this field but these things are not going to happen very soon. It will take a very long time.

As of now, Jio Financial Services is only involved in a few services like Payment Bank, Payment solutions, lending, and some more. According to the news, the compnay will involved in more business with time. As the compnay will involve and show some profit then the Jio Financial Services share price may go up.

Disclaimer: We are not SEBI registered. The post is only for educational purposes not for any investing advice. Do your analysis or ask your financial advisor before investing. We will not be responsible for any loss or profit.

Jio Financial Services share price target 2024

As of now, Jio Financial Services Limited stock is trading at Rs. 273. After the listing in the NSE and BSE, the Jio financial service stock fell very badly due to the listing at a very high premium.

From last 2023, the stock price is reversed and now trading at Rs. 273. A lot of investors are bullish on the stock because of the news related to the stock. There are very high chance the company may involved in a few more businesses in 2024.

Jio Financial share price target 2025

There can be a huge return when the Jio Financial Services company is involved in the new business and gives some profit from the business.

In the non-banking finance business, there is huge competition and the company entered the business very late. But still, there are very huge opportunities as the Indian economy is growing and the demand for loans, payment banks, etc. increasing rapidly.

Jio Financial Services can be the leader in the business if it works in the business with proper strategy. As the Jio company is new in the business then most probably it may face a lot of problems but in the long term, it may give good returns.

Jio Financial Services share price target 2026

There are a lot of compnay that are in the non-banking finance business and have a good market share in many businesses. Among all the non-banking finance companies Bajaj Finance is the leader or on the no. 1.

So, if you are a safe type of investor then you should only invest in the stock when the company is doing well in the business like working on other products, good profit growth, good revenue growth, and many more.

But inventing any company that just entered any business may give a good return because these companies move up when any positive news or update comes. During this phase, you can make good money from any stock.

As the Reliance industries are behind the company there is very little chance of struggling of the compnay.


Is Jio Financial Services a good stock for the long term?

According to the business model and the data they have of users it is a very good stock for the long-term to capture the market share as well. The big competitor of the company is Bajaj Finance which has approximately 45% of the market share in this field.

What is the Jio Fincacil share price target 2025?

As of 08 January the stock is trading near 240 but there is a very high chance with the market capture of the company the stock price will also go very high. For long-term investments, the stock can be good.

Is Jio Financial Services a good buy now?

As of now, the stock is hitting multiple lower circuits every day. So, buying at this level and this price can be a reason for some losses. In these types of conditions, SIP is always best.

Final Words: Jio Fincnail services are just listed in the market and can have a huge potential to give very high returns in the long term. There is also very tough competition in the industry but Jio has data of millions of users and they can use these data to promote their services and products very easily. Check the Jio Financial share price target for 2024, 2025, and 2026, etc. above.

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