How to Get New World Deluxe Items

When you start playing a massively multiplayer online game for the first time, you will be stuck with the same old items for quite some time, whether you like it or not. Fortunately, this isn’t cast with New World, which was already on the list of popular games on Steam even before its final release. It offers downloadable content or DLCs to help you change your appearance with better-looking armor and other items. 

The DLC system is pretty complex, and mastering it won’t be a piece of cake, but it’s worth the effort. The Deluxe edition is a popular DLC for New World that features various items, but players don’t know how they can get those items. Whether you want to learn new skills in the game or upgrade your weapons, you need to buy New World gold, and a lot of them, actually. This article features everything that you need to know about the deluxe edition and why you should prefer it over other DLCs. 

What do you get in the Deluxe edition?

Before moving into more details about the Deluxe edition, you should know what items you will get with it. For now, the deluxe edition DLC of New World only costs around fifty bucks and provides you with all the items from the standard edition as well as some more items, which are mentioned below. 

  • The Woodsman Armor Skin: It is a set of cosmetic armor pieces 
  • The Woodsman Hatchet Skin: It is a set of cosmetic hatchet pieces 
  • A Mastiff house pet: For this item, upgrade your character to a minimum of level twenty to unlock the housing option. Keep this Mastiff pet in your house
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors emote set: A set of emotes that you can use to express your feelings in a new way
  • New World Artbook: A digital art book with various concept art to help you learn drawing and coloring

Standard Edition items 

As you already know the deluxe edition also features items from the standard edition, and you can buy it from Steam for forty bucks. Below are the items of the Standard edition DLC of New World. 

  • Players can access and enjoy the beta version of New World, which will be available from July 20 to August 2 to a limited number of players only
  • Amulet of Isabella: An item that increases the damage you deal to enemies as well as your defenses, and it is required to reach the level cap in no time 
  • Expedition One title: This is an in-game title that will help you standout from the rest of the gaming community that you were one of the first to enjoy the game
  • First Bump emote
  • Guild Crest set: This is a complete set of items that includes armor pieces, muskets, and axes

Out of all the items mentioned above, the Amulet of Isabella is one of the best items as it provides some real boosts while everything else is for esthetics only. 

How to get New World deluxe items?

When you buy the DLC, you will automatically receive the Amulet of Isabella in your bag. If you have a free equipment slot, it will be equipped. To get the expedition one title, follow the step-by-step guide given below. 

  • Go to the “Bio” section and select the “title” option
  • Click the “Expedition one” to equip the title and show it off to other players.

The same is the case for the fist bump bonus emote, which you can get without any extra effort. When you purchase the deluxe edition, it will be added to your inventory, and you can use it by pressing the “P” key from the keyboard in the emote window. Here is a guide so you can receive the complete guild crest set, which is a part of the deluxe edition. 

  • Open inventory by pressing “Tab.”
  • Select gear from the available options 
  • Tap on the “change skin” option to choose the guild crest set and equip it

The steelbook is a complete collection of all the bonuses of pre-order and the items from the deluxe edition. There is a collector edition map of Aeternum, which is created by the art director of New World. For the official New World digital art book, check the directory where the game is installed. 

Is the Deluxe edition worth it?

For exclusive items, the deluxe edition of New World is worth every penny for various reasons. The first reason is that the set of Woodman cosmetic items are available for those who pre-order them. Although, this set isn’t the only thing to finalize your decision to buy this DLC. There are various options available in-game which are way better compared to this set, and you will be changing this set with a better one after a short time. The enormous price of fifty bucks for the deluxe edition DLC is only justifiable given the size of New World. The game will also feature some microtransactions in the future but don’t worry, as you don’t have to pay any subscription fee at all. 

Should you buy the Deluxe edition?

After the final release of the game, you will have to start your journey all the way from the start, but the good news is that you will keep your items from these DLCs. The amulet of Isabella will provide you a head start, all thanks to those defense and damage boosts.

So, if you are ready to spend ten extra bucks for these exclusive skins, surely proceed ahead but keep in mind that there isn’t much of a difference between the two DLCs anyway. MMOpixel is a one-stop solution to provide you with New World gold as well as New World items at the best price, and you can get delivery for all the available servers. You will receive the amulet with both Deluxe as well as the standard edition DLC.

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