Why You’ll Love World of Warcraft, Even if You Don’t Like Online Games

Many gamers still ignore online gaming due to old beliefs in the form of outdated graphics, donation addiction, and a limited number of mechanics that can only be mastered by playing with large groups of players.

Why You'll Love World of Warcraft, Even if You Don't Like Online Games

Everything is not quite like that, and to a greater extent has changed and evolved like the entire gaming industry as a whole.

The same donations play an auxiliary, not a decisive role. For example, if you decide to buy cheap wow gold SkyCoach with guarantees and service support, you will simply get a simplified start and help in the game, but only you and your work in getting acquainted with the project become the decisive role in your success.

World of Warcraft is tacitly considered the best MMO RPG in the history of gaming, and that’s why the players have such an opinion:

➤ Irreconcilable factions

World of Warcraft has a famous and recognizable system of warring factions, each of which has a certain number of races.

The factions of the Horde and the Alliance are constantly at war with each other and by joining one of them you will become part of a huge community – a family, if you like, where older players help newcomers, there is a constant battle for key territories and the strong protect the weak during pumping.

For success in the battle of factions, there is a reward in the form of PVP coins.

Large-scale battles are regularly held for the right to control neutral territories, with the issuance of awards for all distinguished fighters.

➤ The storyline and new lands

World of Warcraft has a system of quests and secondary tasks that tell the player the general history of the entire continent of Azeroth, and the gradual release of add-ons only expands and adds new colors to this story and adds interest to the players.

The current Dragonflight update has brought players new lands in the form of the Dragon Islands, where gamers can sail as soon as they reach level 60.

The islands are made up of four lands, each inhabited by its own type of dragon. You have to move from island to island to help local historians and researchers understand the history of the lands and unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the ancient black dragons. On each island, you will even see that creatures such as dragons, despite their power and armor, do not live very sweetly. Local giants and centaurs are constantly fighting with them, wanting to establish their right to these lands.

Having passed all the islands, you will find yourself in the capital of the Dragons, where each part of the city is made in the style of one of the four types of dragons – fire, ice, earth and wind.

A new system of craft tables will open for you where you can take and fulfill orders from other players for their resources and thereby upgrade your profession and earn gold at the same time.

➤ PVP is literally everywhere

Since in any MMO RPG there is a concept of progress in order to find out the strongest player through PVP, and in the WoW the opposition of factions is a feature at all, the battle between the players will take place constantly.

This is not to say that all newcomers will be drawn into combat – many still have to learn how to play and understand their hero before they face the enemy, but World of Warcraft emphasizes combat and rewards those who are not afraid to fight and succeed in victory over a member of the enemy faction.

All types of battles are awarded with coins of honor, which are issued to all distinguished players in the arena battles and in PVP encounters. Please note that only those players who win in an equal battle, that is, against opponents of an equal or higher level, get a promotion. The community does not encourage or reward players who kill small levels. On the contrary, against such actions, a battle group can be quickly formed to restore order at the request of younger players.

➤ PVE and difficult raids

World of Warcraft has several farming options for all those who like to grind, kill monsters and bosses for experience and rare loot.

First of all, as part of the quest pumping, you will be introduced to the classic grind – killing monsters with uniform experience gain and a chance to get something more valuable – materials and even items of equipment and weapons, if you’re lucky.

The second interesting PVE mechanic is raids. They all differ in level, difficulty and release time depending on the add-on.

Each boss is unique and has unpredictable mechanics and strengths and weaknesses that you need to learn and actively apply if you want to level up and get new high rank equipment.

➤ The system of professions and activities for those who do not want to fight

World of Warcraft has a lot of interesting mechanics and activities tailored for players who love the economic component more than PVP.

Professions allow you to master a craft and obtain the necessary materials for its development and the production of interesting items of equipment and weapons that will be useful both to the character himself and to other players.

Professions are of two types – gathering and creating.

Gathering professions give the right to extract resources:

  • Rocks
  • Plants and flowers
  • Skins

The crafting profession allows you to use mined or purchased materials to create equipment and other useful items:

  • Blacksmithing is the creation of weapons and armor from steel, useful tools for the craft.
  • Leatherworking is the use of leather from recycled hides and the creation of light equipment and useful items for other artisans. Backpacks and hats.
  • Tailoring is the sewing of elements of magical equipment from threads and other woven materials that are obtained simply from monsters in the form of trophies. The only profession that does not require special skills to extract resources for production.
  • Jewelcrafting – allows you to create stones that add characteristics and use precious rocks to create jewelry and orbs for magical classes. An expensive profession in terms of buying materials, but very in demand on the servers of Azeroth.

➤ Flying on dragons

New feature in Dragonflight update. If earlier you could only move through the air as part of scripted journeys, now you can fly anywhere. The main thing is to go through the plot tasks of the Dragon Islands and complete the flight quest.

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