How Much Money is Currently Being Made by Online Poker Companies Worldwide?

Real-money online poker has become a big business throughout the last decade. More and more people are finding the game, and more and more people like it, whether they want to win money or play a game with their friends. Real money online poker has been growing, and the companies that give people the option to play online poker have been making lots of money from this rise.

These businesses seemingly rival traditional casinos, not just with the number of users they attract but also the amount of money they can bring in. With the internet only being a significant part of people for only two decades, it’s hard to imagine that a business that relies on the internet is bringing in so much money, rising in popularity, and new online poker sites are opening up left and right. It’s truly a business that seems to be growing.

Below, we took a look at the best list for real money online poker sites to see what they’ve made in recent years and how much that could grow going forward.

How Much Money Does Online Poker Bring in Globally?

The online poker industry in the year 2022 in 86.2 billion dollars globally. This amount is an increase from 78 billion dollars in the year 2021, and if current trends continue, this number may rise in 2023.

What Are the Prospects of the Global Online Poker Companies?

Current trends show online poker revenue based on the rise as the year progresses. The Internet has only been a mainstay in people’s lives for roughly two decades, and there is still a considerable amount of people who either do not have access to the Internet or do not know about online poker.

Not every country has poker as a prominent pastime for its people. To this day, not many people know or play poker. But with globalization and social media spreading things across cultures, more people are gaining access to what poker is, and while they may not be able to find poker cards in their village or town.

With their phones, they will have access to other sites, which will help them enter the online poker market. Once people have the knowledge and necessary equipment for online poker, they will gravitate to the game. Not all people will find it something to do daily, but many others will find it fun and healthy.

Playing a poker game is as simple as pulling out a phone and playing on an app or a website, so the accessibility of it will make it desirable to many.

In addition, the legal landscape of online poker has been changing. There are some countries where the game may be illegal, or individual states within their borders may outlaw the game. This trend is beginning to reverse. More countries and states are beginning to change course and give their people legal access to online poker, furthering the user base.

Also, what this change in legality does is change people’s perception of poker. Poker can hold a negative stigma in some cultures because the game remained outlawed for so long, and certain beliefs spread in the community. With the legal stance of the game-changing, the stigma through time will get debunked, and people will feel free and safe to play the game without fear of repercussions, both from the government and their social group.

Then, finally, more companies are coming online. So, with more companies coming online, the industry can reach further. For example, a current online poker site may not have access to a particular part of Germany, but as the laws and public opinion change, a new company can open up and give access to these people in Germany, thus bringing in more money to the industry. More companies reaching more people brings in more revenue for the industry.

With these factors in mind, the online poker industry has much growth potential. More people engaging in online poker play means more money in the industry. The industry has been growing for the past decade, and only now are some people discovering the joy of online poker; as mentioned earlier, with it being easily accessible to anyone who simply has a phone, this industry is primed to expand and grow to new heights. As long as the internet and phones remain a staple in everyday life, the online poker industry stands to gain from it.


Like any business, things start slow and little money comes into the industry. But once more people find out about a game or an app and find it enjoyable, they spread the word, and more people gravitate towards the game. The internet is still in its infancy, so many people cannot access it.

Millions of people have not learned about online poker, so there is a substantial untouched base for the online poker business. With proper marketing and advertising, the industry can bring those people who just got online into the world of online poker—showing them the fun and joy so many people have.

Sometimes, simply educating people that the game of poker even exists. Many people seek ways to pass the time, and poker has been a historic means of passing the time or simply having fun with friends. These same beliefs remain true even in the digital world, so online poker has much room to grow and has proven to be a growing business. So the future is only more bright.

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