Top 19 Small Business ideas in Washington State

As per the records of 2018 Washington is known as the highest-growing economic state in the country. Washington provides a great business place for entrepreneurs. It is suitable for everyone, like technology people or art lovers, the market is full of all kinds of people and completes the requirement of everyone.

Business ideas in Washington

Washington has a great economy, and a high ranking in health, education, and lifestyle. The people are very creative in Washington, and you can have the facility of low-cost energy in Washington.

Not only this, Washington is known for various things such as a robust supply chain, centralized export hub, pro-business climate, and many more.

Here is The List of 19 Business ideas Opportunities in Washington D.C

1. Animal care center

Nowadays, People are living with their pets a lot, and they take care of their pets as their kids and try to provide them with a full high facility and take care of their complete hygiene. Animal care centers help to keep your pet dogs healthy and take care of their grooming.

2. Cleaning Business

Deep cleaning of your home is all you require for being safe from unwanted disease. In the past, recent years disinfection and sanitization of your house have become essential things to keep your home healthy. You can start this business by owning all the required machines.

3. Food Truck Business

The concept of a mobile food truck is trendy and highly recommended by people. Food trucks are an easy and cheap way to reach. Although for starting this business you need to know cooking skills and a vehicle to start this set up you can also find your cooking specialty skill and start a business selling that food.

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4. Lifestyle Store

Well, working people don’t have a lot of time to struggle in buying things from different roofs. You can start a lifestyle store in which you can sell different varieties of stuff such as accessories, clothes, kids’ stationery, and other necessities on a single roof.

5. Fitness Studio

Fitness awareness is increasing among people day by day. You just need to compile all the required stuff which helps to keep the body healthy or the gym machines for the exercise purpose. Along with a trained trainer with good skills and knowledge related to fitness and physical body parts. 

6. Beauty Studio

A beauty studio is a place that is a must for your grooming and self-care. People often look for a great beauty studio that gives them flawless results over their demands. You can start a beauty studio and service people by providing your services.

7. Dog Breeding

America is widely known as a dog-friendly nation in which dogs are mostly owned as pets. People love to keep dogs as a pet. Dog breeding is a good idea for earning as well as for the research of dogs. All you have to do is keep your dog healthy, take regular checks up of your dog to the vet and start breeding, although you should take care of all your dog’s needs during this duration.

8. Selling Refurbished Products

The online selling craze of electronic refurbished appliances has made their value in the market along with refurbished products have a huge demand in the market, you can look for these refurbished products by making ties with the companies and earn handsomely.

9. Healthy Serve Restaurant

People love to keep them healthy and maintained and for them, they look for such restaurants that serve a healthy diet to health-conscious people. You can start a healthy restaurant.

10. Security Guards Providing Firms

Security is a must for every big organization, Mall, public place, office, house, and many other places. And for security, we need security agencies and security guards to keep our houses, places, and things. You can contact the people who like to work as security guards and can connect with the people who are looking for this service and help them.

11. Become Business Consultant

If you are an experience holder or a successful businessman you know all the tricks to make your business successful. Then you can share your tricks and experience with the new business owners and can take a fee in exchange for your experience.

12. Electric Vehicle Charging Point Provider

Washington is high in renewable energy sources. As the leading growth and high technology state, Washington is giving its high focus on electric vehicles, so that it can reduce the use of fossil fuels. You can tie up with electronic stations and start your electronic charging point for vehicles on highways. Although to start this business you need to have a huge amount of capital and good resources from the government.

13. Sharing Ride Business

Ride sharing is a good way to save fuel and save yourself from traffic. You can start your own cab business in which you can provide a facility of sharing rides, by which you can earn through the rides of the customers. 

14. Mobile Bartending

People who have previous experience in bar and drinks can start this business easily, mobile bartending is a kind of bar at your place or a local area, which serves drinks and crafts with cocktails. Although mobile bartending helps you to provide a complete atmosphere like a bar, or the cozy place you are looking for.

All you need to have is a vehicle in which you can start your bar, bar tools, and a place from where you can advertise your business and connect with more and more people.

15. Ice Cream Parlour

If you love to enjoy life with kids, and love to make them feel happy, I bet you will love to do this business. Ice cream is loved by the kids and they enjoy it a lot. You can start an ice cream truck or an ice cream parlor to serve.

16. Electronic Appliance Repairing Service

Electronic appliances need servicing and repairing if they get damaged, you can start an electronic repairing service center or a healthy life for the appliances.

17. Bike Repairing Service

Vehicles need time-to-time service for the healthy life of their engines and other parts of the machine. People often need bike repair and maintenance services. If you know this business you can easily start this business.

18. Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are a trendy and cheap way of getting space for your work. Coworking space is a rented or owned space for commercial purposes, in which it can be rented to different companies employed and workers to work under a single roof.

19. Dry cleaning and Laundry Service

Well, every place needs this service as this is an essential need of every human being of their day. We all need laundry service to keep our clothes healthy and neat and clean.

Final words

Washington is a great place for starting your business setup as this place is business-friendly, and a great place to live. You can start any of the businesses from the given article or you can add your ideas to the given business idea and get set to go for your new business.

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