8 Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy and Flawless Skin

Korean women are known for their radiant, blemish-free, and healthy complexion. A result of their dedicated effort to maintain skin health and beauty. Aside from the genetic side, their flawless skin is also the result of their meticulous and comprehensive approach to self-care, which encompasses every aspect of their bodies.

Korean Beauty Secrets

It’s not solely about expensive treatments and advanced tools; Korean women also tend to incorporate numerous traditional techniques into their skincare routines. Want to know the beauty secrets that can transform your skin like the Hallyu star?

Check out the beauty tips that we’ve compiled below!

1. Always double cleanse

We’ve all been guilty of occasionally skipping our skincare routine before bedtime. However face cleansing, particularly after wearing makeup – is crucial if you want to maintain a youthful appearance.

Korean women always follow a two-step cleansing routine. It starts with cleansing oil as the initial step to eliminate dirt and makeup residue, followed by a soap cleaner. If they use heavy makeup, they even go as far as to use a third cleanser, which is micellar water as the final step to ensure the face is truly clean. This approach should also be adopted if you want to have that Korean glass-skin look!

2. Use warm water – cold water technique to cleanse

Korean women commonly employ a traditional technique post-cleansing, by using warm water first to wash their face. Afterward, they will follow it up by rinsing their face using cold water. This method is believed to be able to effectively enhance blood circulation in the face which promotes healthier and brighter skin. 

3. Essence for night care

Essence is an essential part of the nighttime regimen as it plays a crucial role in preparing the skin for subsequent skincare steps; particularly when using serums with active ingredients. One popular type of essence among Korean women is those containing vitamin C!

4. Exfoliate with warm water

Exfoliation has various benefits such as removing dead skin cells, enhancing blood circulation, and moisturizing the skin. What’s interesting is that Korean women often opt for a different approach to exfoliate their skin with soft towels soaked in hot water. They use these warm towels to gently massage and exfoliate their face skin in circular upward motions. This is another unique method that is believed to promote skin health.

5. Facial massage

Facial massage has been a famous tradition for Korean women which is passed down through generations. Most Korean women believe that facial massage can help to prevent wrinkles effectively. Thus many of them have already practiced this even in their early 20s. To do this is very easy, you can just apply facial oil to your face, and massage it softly with your fingers or gua sha stone if you have one.

6. Drink barley tea

Barley tea is a popular beverage in East Asian countries like Japan, China, and especially South Korea. Barley tea is known for its richness in antioxidants and its potential to improve blood circulation – making it a great tea choice for body and skin health. Many Korean women drink this every day, to achieve glowing and healthy skin. You can also opt to consume this tea daily if you want to achieve healthy and fresh skin. Do keep in mind that barley tea tastes bitter due to its roasting process, never use sugar to sweeten it up – instead, you can enhance its flavor by adding honey.

7. Go for minimal makeup

Ditch the heavy makeup routine which consists of foundation, concealer, and Hollywood-style contouring. Instead opt for a more natural approach like Korean women, by using loose powder, cream blush, and lip tint. If you need to conceal blemishes, you can substitute loose powder with a lightweight BB cushion instead. This minimalist makeup not only helps you look natural but also promotes skin health by reducing the risk of clogged pores

8. Jamsu

Another technique known as “Jamsu” is the secret behind flawless and almost poreless makeup looks for most Korean Idols and actresses. It involves submerging their face in cold water (often with ice cubes), after applying a makeup base. This is believed to help close pores and give the skin a natural healthy glow when you’re wearing makeup!

These are the best Korean beauty tips that you can incorporate into your daily life. Do keep in mind a dirty living space can also affect your facial skin due to the dust, dirt, and other particles that may be found in a dirty environment. This particle might stick to your skin, resulting in several skin problems, such as blockage of skin pores, which can then cause acne and blackheads. Therefore, if you follow the beauty tips above but don’t have a clean living space, then it will be for nothing.

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