Why Use Email Marketing to Reach Your Customers?

There is no shortcut to what kind of techniques you can use to reach out to your customers. You can use social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to let your customers know about the latest changes and promotions.

Same as Xfinity, that is one of the most widely available telecom services in the US, on their social media platforms along with providing 24/7 Xfinity customer service.

You can also try online advertising, where you run your ads on apps, websites, forums, social media platforms, and more. The opportunities for marketing your brand on the internet are limitless.  

There is one online marketing technique that is the most popular and effective: email marketing. According to Forbes, 66% of businesses claim to use email marketing to promote their businesses to communicate with their customers because of positive results. 

Why Use Email Marketing to Reach Your Customers?

Hence, if you haven’t already added email marketing as your technique of reaching out to customers, this article will tell you why you should. Keep reading!

6 Reasons to Use Email Marketing to Reach Customers

Below are the reasons why you should consider email marketing to reach your current and prospective customers:

➤ Email – Most Popular Method

Email communication is the most popular method of communication around the world, whether it be for personal or professional reasons. So much so that it has been estimated that around 4 to 5 billion people will be expected to use email communication by 2024. 

Currently, 92% of the internet users have access to email communication and out of that, 60% use it daily. What’s more, customers (74%) prefer communicating with brands through email over SMS or social media platforms. 

The stats say it all: email communication is one of the most popular and preferred modes of communication in today’s digital world. 

➤ Highest ROI

Some might consider email marketing as an old-fashioned marketing technique as compared to newer tech methods. That might be true but email marketing still remains a useful method of reaching out to customers. 

Email marketing offers the highest ROI or Return on Investment, i.e. the bucks you make for every buck you spend.

Take it this way: For every $1 you spend on email spending, you get $42! That means an ROI of 4200%. That is one reason why it is one of the most popular and effective marketing techniques. 

➤ Good Engagement 

Out of all the communication channels, users engage more when it comes to email communication. 

Your marketing email is six times more likely to be get clicked on than a tweet. It’s a bonus if you add other engaging elements in your email such as photos, videos, buttons, gifts, promotions, etc. Although you can view all this in a tweet too, emails have more textual context than just posting a tweet. 

Another research states that your email message is five times more likely to be opened and seen as compared to social media platforms, such as Facebook. 

➤ Positive Conversions 

Conversions are obviously the biggest goal for your brand when it comes to dealing with digital marketing. And email communication contributes to it more than any other marketing technique.

Email marketing leads to higher conversion as compared to search engines and social media platforms, with up to 4.24% of the users making a purchase. The other two marketing methods only lead to 2.49% and 0.59% of the conversions respectively. 

➤ Easier Communication

Email marketing leads to an easier start to the conversation with your current and potential customers. 

For instance, if you send a monthly newsletter that informs about new products or services, that email allows your customers to quickly respond back to you with any questions they may have about the new updates. 

Further, you can use the email blast feature to send a single email to hundreds of customers who have subscribed to your mailing list. This allows you the opportunity to respond quickly as well, essentially creating a conversation with your customers. 

Your customers like knowing how easy it is to ask questions before spending their money on your products or services. 

➤ Easy to Track

Email communication also makes it easier to keep track of all the emails you have sent. For all the email addresses you have sent the monthly newsletter to, you can see their records on the sent items tab. 

Also, there are tools available that let you know which customers have opened your email or which ones haven’t, how many times did they open your email, what times of the day did they open your email, and more. 

By tracking such information with the emails that you send, you can craft better content for your emails in the future, after learning what interests your recipients. 

Wrapping Up

As you can already see from the above stats given (numbers don’t lie!), email marketing for reaching out to your customers is one of the best ones you could adopt for your business. Give your customers personalized and efficient content through emails so that it makes them want to ask questions by sending a reply, potentially becoming your loyal customers. 

By following the best practices for email marketing, you can create a successful email strategy that helps your brand to build stronger relationships with your customers and finally achieve their marketing goals.

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