Top 5G Stocks in India for Good Returns 2024 – 2025

As of now, 5G is available in almost every city in India, and many operators provide 5G services like Data for free for everyone who has a 5G mobile phone. In the upcoming months when a new recharge plan will be introduced the big movements can be easily seen on the 5G stock. Investing in top 5G stocks in India can be beneficial for good returns.

Top 5G Stocks in India to Invest

The Indian 5G market size was at USD 7,065 million in 2022 and it is expected to reach USD 1,78,546.1 million by 2031. As you can see the current and expected number are amazing. Hope you know that India is the 4th largest 5G smartphone company in the world.

It is very easy to find all 5G stocks in the market with any screener but it is hard to find one or more stocks that can give very high returns in the next few years. As you know, currently the new recharge plans are not been introduced by the network providers once it is introduced we can see good profits.

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Thumb Rules of Investing

If you are a beginner or have some knowledge about stocks then you should always follow some rules while investing in the stock market. Hope you know that if there is a huge return then on the opposite side there is a huge risk also.

These rules are valid for every type of stock. Also, these rules are suggested by a lot of big investors. So, follow these rules to avoid huge losses and maximize your returns on investments. Below are the rules you should follow while investing in the Top 5G Stocks in India.

Rule #1: Do not invest all the money in one sector’s stocks. No matter what is the future of the sector. In case, you invested all the money in one sector, if the sector faces any issue then you’ll be in a huge loss.

Rule #2: Invest a maximum of 5% – 6% of the total money in any stock. Suppose you have Rs. 1 Lakh the invest only 5000 – 6000 in any stock. This rule is applicable when you are retail, and can not track all the stocks.

Rule #3: Invest in a maximum of 2-3 stocks of a sector. When any sector faces problems then other sectors’ stock will save you from huge losses.

Rule #4: Invest in stock when the stock the available at a 10% low from its 52-week high. Some people invest in stocks at high, and as a result, they do not get good returns on their investments.

Rule #5: Invest in stocks for at least 5 – 7 years to get very high returns. Keep booking the profit from time to time.

Rule #6: Keep averaging the stock if everything is right in the company and the stock is available at a high discount due to any market crash.

Rule #7: Before Investing in any stock make sure you check its fundamental and related news. It will help you to stay away from the stock which can give you huge losses.

5G Stocks in India

The 5G Stocks in India we are going to share play a major role in the industry. There is a huge chance that the stocks may give very high returns in the future. Below we are sharing only that stocks which is fundamentally strong and have a good potential to give good returns.

The 5G technology will help a lot of businesses to grow like telecommunication services providers and 5G equipment provider companies. In short, these two categories of companies will grow very quickly. We have listed stocks of both types of companies below so, you’ll not miss any opportunity.

So, you should invest in both categories of companies i.e. telecommunication services providers and 5G equipment provider companies. Both types of companies, telecommunication service providers and equipment providers are dependent on each other.

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5G Stocks in India

1. Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel is one of the largest companies in the Telecom – provider sector. As of now, Airtel is operating in more than 18+ countries all over the world and generating good profits from there.

In the 5G Spectrum auction, the Airtel company acquired 19,876 MHz of Spectrum worth 43084 crores for 20 years. This is very huge and as a result, this stock can lead to 5G in the future.

The stock is trading at Rs. 1140.20 the 52-week high of the stock is Rs. 1200.65 and the 52-week low of the stock is Rs. 735.80. In the last 1 year, the stock has given approx 62% return.

Net Profit & Loss (Yearly)

YearNet Profits & Loss (In Crore)
March 2019₹1,688
March 2020-₹33,618
March 2021-₹23,421
March 2022₹8,305
March 2023₹12,287

Net Profit & Loss (Quarterly)

QuarterNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
Dec 2022₹2,614
Mar 2023₹4,226
Jun 2023₹1,520
Sep 2023₹2,093
Dec 2023₹2,876

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap₹6,58,061CrROE14.63%
P/E Ratio (TTM)74.96EPS (TTM)14.94
P/B Ratio8.09Div Yield0.34%
Industry P/E55.97Book Value138.36
Debt to Equity2.81Face Value5

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByJun 2023Sep 2023Dec 2023

2. Reliance Jio

To invest in the Jio you can invest through the Jio Financial services stock. The Jio Financial Services compnay is also involved in many non-banking financial businesses.

Reliance Jio has acquired 700MHz, 800MHz, 1800MHz, 3300MHz, and 26GHz bands in the 5G spectrum auction. The cost of acquiring the technology is Rs. 88078 crores for 20 years. Reliance Jio won the 5G spectrum auction.

Net Profit & Loss (Yearly)

YearNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
March 2019NA
March 2020NA
March 2021NA
March 2022NA
March 2023NA

Net Profit & Loss (Quarterly)

QuarterProfits (In Rs. Cr.)
Dec 2022N/A
Mar 2023N/A
Jun 2023₹332
Sep 2023₹668
Dec 2023₹294

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap₹1,72,778CrROE0.00%
P/E Ratio (TTM)5439.00EPS (TTM)0.05
P/B Ratio1.51Div Yield0.00%
Industry P/E18.83Book Value179.62
Debt to Equity0.00Face Value10

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByJun 2023Sep 2023Dec 2023

3. Vodafone Idea (VI)

Vodafone and Idea were good companies a few years ago, but they have now merged after some issues and problems. Now, Vodafone and Idea are known as Vi and the Vi stock is struggling a lot. However, this stock can give a good return in upcoming years and this is only a prediction by some investors. In short, Vi is a 5G penny stock in India.

In the 5G spectrum auction, Vi (Vodafone Idea) bought 3300MHz and 26GHz bands. It may help Vi company grow in the future. If the VI works on it then it can give huge returns in the future.

Note: Do not invest in Vi (Vodafone Idea) blindly because it is a penny stock. In penny stock, there is a huge chance of losing money but the profit will be very high. Most of the investors who invest money in penny stocks lose money.

Net Profit & Loss (Yearly)

YearNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
March 2019-₹14,604
March 2020-₹73,878
March 2021-₹44,233
March 2022-₹28,245
March 2023-₹29,301

Net Profit & Loss (Quarterly)

QuarterNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
Dec 2022-₹7,990
Mar 2023-₹6,419
Jun 2023-₹7,840
Sep 2023-₹8,738
Dec 2023-₹6,986

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap₹77,449CrROE34.07%
P/E Ratio (TTM)0.00EPS (TTM)-6.16
P/B Ratio0.00Div Yield0.00%
Industry P/E55.97Book Value-18.68
Debt to Equity-2.65Face Value10

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByJun 2023Sep 2023Dec 2023

4. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.

MTNL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BSNL. MTNL ranks 5th out of 7 companies in Telecom – provider sector. DoT has allotted a 5G spectrum to the company which is very good for the company.

Note: It is a penny stock so, do your research about the stock for in-depth knowledge. However, we shared the fundamental data of the stock below.

Net Profit & Loss (Yearly)

YearNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
March 2019-₹668
March 2020-₹3,714
March 2021-₹1,997
March 2022-₹1,215
March 2023-₹1,145

Net Profit & Loss (Quarterly)

QuarterNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
Dec 2022-₹280
Mar 2023-₹277
Jun 2023-₹301
Sep 2023-₹310
Dec 2023-₹839

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap₹2,885CrROE14.24%
P/E Ratio (TTM)0.00EPS (TTM)-51.31
P/B Ratio0.00Div Yield0.00%
Industry P/E55.97Book Value-353.15
Debt to Equity-1.31Face Value10

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByJun 2023Sep 2023Dec 2023
Other Holders0.0%0.0%0.0%

5G Equipment Companies

5G Wquipemnt companies play a major role in growing the 5G Technology. Below are some 5G Equipment companies list, in this list a few companies are also involved in other businesses and doing great in other businesses.

5. Tejas Networks

Tejas Network is a data networking, broadband, and optical company in India. This is the second-largest IT company in the hardware sector. Tejas Network is a leading global optical networking product provider to the telecom sector.

The Tata Group has acquired a 43.35% stake in the company. Tejas Network has done 700000 deployments, and 500 networks in 75 countries as of 2024. From time to time the number is increasing very rapidly.

The current price of the stock is Rs. 740 as of now. The 52-week high of the stock is Rs. 940 and the 52-week low is Rs. 545. This stock has given a 45% return in the last 1 year as of Feb 2024.

Net Profit & Loss (Yearly)

YearNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
March 2019₹147
March 2020-₹237
March 2021₹37.54
March 2022-₹62.71
March 2023-₹36.41

Net Profit & Loss (Quarterly)

QuarterNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
Dec 2022-₹15.15
Mar 2023-₹11.47
Jun 2023-₹26.29
Sep 2023-₹12.64
Dec 2023-₹44.87

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap₹12,747CrROE-2.18%
P/E Ratio (TTM)0.00EPS (TTM)-5.60
P/B Ratio4.24Div Yield0.00%
Industry P/E11.31Book Value176.48
Debt to Equity0.05Face Value10

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByJun 2023Sep 2023Dec 2023
Other Holders0.0%0.0%0.0%

6. Indus Towers

Indus Towers is the largest company in Telecom equipment provider. The quality of valuation of the stock or company is great. Indus Towers is a merged entity between Vodafone PLC and Bharti Airtel.

Net Profit & Loss (Yearly)

YearNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
March 2019₹2,494
March 2020₹3,299
March 2021₹3,779
March 2022₹6,737
March 2023₹2,040

Net Profit & Loss (Quarterly)

QuarterNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
Dec 2022-₹708
Mar 2023₹1,399
Jun 2023₹1,348
Sep 2023₹1,295
Dec 2023₹1,541

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap₹59,531CrROE15.20%
P/E Ratio (TTM)10.67EPS (TTM)20.71
P/B Ratio2.51Div Yield0.00%
Industry P/E11.31Book Value87.94
Debt to Equity0.87Face Value10

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByJun 2023Sep 2023Dec 2023
Other Holders0.02%0.01%0.04%

7. STLTech

Sterlite Technologies Ltd. is an Indian multinational company. STLTech ranks 5th out of 26 companies in the cable sector. This company specializes in several things like hyper-scale network design, network software, deployment, optical fiber, and cables.

Net Profit & Loss (Yearly)

YearNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
March 2019₹585
March 2020₹433
March 2021₹269
March 2022₹147
March 2023₹231

Net Profit & Loss (Quarterly)

QuarterNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
Dec 2022₹46.00
Mar 2023₹63.00
Jun 2023₹52.00
Sep 2023₹32.00
Dec 2023-₹59.00

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap₹5,418CrROE10.91%
P/E Ratio (TTM)56.33EPS (TTM)2.41
P/B Ratio2.54Div Yield0.74%
Industry P/E41.28Book Value53.52
Debt to Equity1.73Face Value2

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByJun 2023Sep 2023Dec 2023
Other Holders0.0%0.0%0.0%

8. ITI Limited

ITI (Indian Telephone Industries) Ltd. is a govt. owned company. ITI Limited ranks 3rd out of 17 companies in the Telecom Equipment sector. This company works under the ownership of DoT. ITI Limited provides 50% of the current telecommunication network in the country. This company provides infrastructure services to MTNL, BSNL, and the defense sector.

Net Profit & Loss (Yearly)

YearNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
March 2019₹92.54
March 2020₹146
March 2021₹9.48
March 2022₹119
March 2023-₹360

Net Profit & Loss (Quarterly)

QuarterNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
Dec 2022-₹87.61
Mar 2023-₹72.01
Jun 2023-₹103
Sep 2023-₹126
Dec 2023-₹101

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap₹30,033CrROE-18.36%
P/E Ratio (TTM)0.00EPS (TTM)-4.18
P/B Ratio14.20Div Yield0.00%
Industry P/E11.31Book Value22.01
Debt to Equity0.92Face Value10

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByJun 2023Sep 2023Dec 2023


What are 5G Stocks in India?

There are many 5G STocks in India, we shared some 5G telecommunication service providers and 5G equipment providers in the post. Some stocks are not mentioned in the post.

What are the best 5G Stocks to buy now in India?

Some good stocks that are involved in 5G technology are mentioned in the post with some fundament information. We suggest you do not buy any stock blindly, do your research before investing in any stock, and don’t forget to follow investing and money management rules.

When 5G will launch in India?

Currently, the testing of 5G technology has started in 13 countries, and some popular countries will experience 5G very soon.

Final Words

Investing in good top 5G stocks in India can be very good as of now because the industry is very huge. As we know the testing of the 5G is begun and everything is going well at this time. So, invest in good 5G stocks after doing your research about the stock and company. Read more articles like this on

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