The Advantages of Having a Dedicated Software Development Team for Your Business

When deciding to develop software, you have two options to implement your idea: delegate it to your internal team, or resort to outsourcing.

The second case is preferable when you do not have an internal team at all, or its members have enough core tasks, and adding new ones will cause them to burn out.


It also happens that the skills of the internal team are not enough to create a new software solution, and hiring new employees or training old ones will become a serious obstacle to its timely launch.

Whichever of these reasons would affect your choice in favor of outsourcing, you should know that you have the opportunity to ensure the same close and effective interaction with your developers as with the in-office team.

5 Benefits to Consider

As you could already understand from the title of our article, we will talk about a private outsourcing model – cooperation with a dedicated software development team. Thus, we propose you check the main benefits of such a cooperation.

1. Saving resources

The first and perhaps the main advantage of cooperation with dedicated teams is the ability to save your money.

This also applies to lower developer rates (if the outsourcing company you hired is located in another country with more affordable prices for software development services), the absence of taxation, as is the case with official hiring in a company, and the ability to avoid the overhead costs associated with organizing new job places.

As a result, the budget of your project can be reduced by tens of thousands of dollars – it all depends on the duration of cooperation and the rates of a particular company.

2. Fast Start

By cooperating with dedicated software development teams, you will be able to start working on a project as quickly as possible. In particular, the company usually spends no more than 2-3 weeks on the selection of specialists. Then you, together with a representative of the company, draw up and sign an NDA, which takes 1-2 days. As for the internal team, hiring new specialists can take months.

3. Required expertise

Cooperation with an outsourcing company implies the selection of dedicated software developers with the skills you need without your participation – you only approve the final composition of the team. Thus, you do not have to teach new skills to your internal team and spend your time and financial resources on this.

4. No bureaucracy

When you partner with a dedicated software development team, you simply sign an NDA. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort on the formal employment of each of the new members of your team, as well as calculate taxes and other related overhead costs that you will have to face after hiring.

5. Convenient format of cooperation

Finally, you won’t have to consider whether to keep all the members of your new team on your staff after the project is up and running. In the case of cooperation with a dedicated software team, you will be able to contact them after launch as needed, for example, to develop updates or fix technical problems that have arisen.


We hope we have helped you decide whether you need to hire your own dedicated software development team or not. If your choice is positive, we will be happy to assemble such a team for you, selecting the best specialists with experience in your business niche. Contact us right now to discuss your business idea in detail.

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