Renuka Sugars Share Price Target 2024, 2025, and 2026

Renuka Sugars is a well-known company in the world. The company is one of the largest company of sugar-producing in the world and is also involved in other businesses like Ethnoal, Power, etc. As we know use of ethanol in vehicles has increased to decrease the Air population. As an investor, you should have information about Renuka Sugars share price target for 2024, 2025, and 2026.

Renuka Sugars Share Price Target

As Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd is the largest company in the Sugar Industry there are also some cons in the fundamentals of the company. So, without proper analysis and understanding of the fundamentals investing in the stock or industry can be very risky.

In the petrol, approx 20% ethanol is mixed to make it environmentally friendly and reduce air population made by vehicles. The ethnoal are produced from the sugarcane and they are produced by the sugar companies. As of now, there are some restrictions by the government on producing ethanol.

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About Renuka Sugars

Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd also known as Renuka Sugars, is an Indian company founded in 1995. It is one of the leading sugar companies in India and one of the largest sugar companies in the world.

Renuka Sugars is involved in the business of sugar production and sugar refining. In sugar refining and production, the company is one of leading the companies in the world. By market cap the sugar industry the Renuka Sugars company rans at no. 1 as of now 2 September 2023.

They have 4 products on which they work i.e. Sugar, Ethanol, Power, Organic Manure. You can check the information about these products on their official website with the latest information.

Company Fundamentals

From the fundamentals, you can know about the company in detail like the strength of the company, the right value of the company, the position of company among the all companies of the same sector, financial statements, growth of the company, and many more.

Most probably you are a retail investor, It is highly recommended to do a fundamental analysis by yourself of the stocks in which you are investing or already invested. In case, you know how to do a fundamental analysis of companies you can learn it from the Internet.

Note: The fundamentals of the Renuka Sugars company were last updated on 18 Feb 2024. Check the latest data on any broker website or screener.

Net Profit & Loss (Yearly)

YearNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
March 2019-₹365
March 2020-₹567
March 2021-₹117
March 2022-₹137
March 2023-₹197

Net Profit & Loss (Quarterly)

QuarterNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
Dec 2022₹14.20
Mar 2023₹44.60
Jun 2023-₹139
Sep 2023-₹206
Dec 2023-₹172

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap₹10,074CrROE24.05%
P/E Ratio (TTM)0.00EPS (TTM)-2.22
P/B Ratio0.00Div Yield0.00%
Industry P/E13.36Book Value-10.71
Debt to Equity-4.37Face Value1

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByJun 2023Sep 2023Dec 2023
Other Holders0.0%0.0%0.0%

Key Points

  • Over the last 3 years, Shree Renuka Sugars has given good revenue growth of 23.37% but the profit growth is meager.
  • As of now, the Renuka Sugars ROE is near 22.36% which is good.
  • As of 18 Feb 2024, the company, there is a Debt of Rs. 4,306.26 Crore, and the Debt to Equity is -6.32.
  • Shree Renuka Sugars is a loss-making company but the net loss of the company is continuously decreasing each year. Most probably in the next 2 to 3 years, we can expect the company will start making profits.

Quarterly Result

For the last 3 quarters, the Shree Renuka Sugars Limited compnay has been making losses and it is directly affecting the stock prices of the company.

In the Dec 2023 quarter, the Shree Renuka Sugars Limited company has shown a net loss of Rs. -172 Crore.

Thumb Rules for Investing

Just by doing fundamental analysis, anyone cannot book maximum returns on the stocks. Based on the investors’ experiences a few basic rules become the rules for investing. In short, most retail investors or newbie investors make the below mistake as a result they do not get the maximum return on their investing.

These rules apply to the maximum sectors’ stocks. If you are new in the market or don’t have enough knowledge you should follow the rules to make your self psychology strong.

Rule #1: Do not invest all the money in one sector’s stocks. No matter what is the future of the sector. In case you invested all the money in one sector, if the sector faces any issue, you’ll be in a huge loss.

Rule #2: Invest a maximum of 5% – 6% of the total money in any stock. Suppose you have Rs. 1 Lakh and invest only 5000 – 6000 in any stock. This rule is applicable when you are retail, and can not track all the stocks.

Rule #3: Invest in a maximum of 2-3 sector stocks. When any sector faces problems then other sectors’ stock will save you from huge losses.

Rule #4: Invest in stock when the stock the available at a 10% low from its 52-week high. Some people invest in stocks at high, and as a result, they do not get good returns on their investments.

Rule #5: Invest in stocks for at least 5 – 7 years to get very high returns. Keep booking the profit from time to time.

Rule #6: Keep averaging the stock if everything is right in the company and the stock is available at a high discount due to any market crash.

Rule #7: Before Investing in any stock, check its fundamental and related news. It will help you to stay away from the stock which can give you huge losses.

Renuka Sugars Share Price Target

In the last 1 year, the Renuka Sugar stock has given almost 0% returns whereas other stocks in most of the sectors have given good returns in the bull run. Over the last few months, the Renuka sugars stock has been consolidating. This means the stock can move any side like it can move up or down in the upcoming months.

The fundamentals of the stock are not good there are some positive things as well as negative things too. promoter shareholding at 62.48%, enough cash for approx 20 days. On the other side, the PE and ROE are 0 which is not good. In the last 3 years, the revenue growth of the company is approx 12.55%.

Disclaimer: We are not SEBI registered. The post is only for educational purposes not for any investing advice. Do your analysis or ask your financial advisor before investing. We will not be responsible for any loss or profit.

Shree Renuka Sugars share price target 2024

In November – December 2023 the Renuka Sugars and almost every sugar stock crashed as the government announced to stop producing ethanol directly from the sugarcane juice. After some discussion with the government, some changes were made to the rule. So, again all the sugar stocks start recovering.

As of now, Renuka Sugars is near its major support and it is likely to bounce back from the support but it is hard to know from which level or price it will bounce bank. There can be another situation i.e. breaking the support, if the stock breaks the support then we can see a major fall in the stock.

In case, it breaks support then we can easily see 5% to 10% in the stock but the probability of falling is less. If the stock is consolidating in range at a lower level then there are very high chance that the stock will move up.

Renuka Sugars share price target 2025

In the last 3 quarters, the net profits and loss of the Renuka Sugars company were negative which means the compnay showed a loss. The net loss of the company in the quarter is much higher than the previous quarter which is not a good sign for the company’s growth.

Expecting good returns from the company is not a good idea when the net loss increases each quarter. Once the loss decreases we can expect some growth in the stock.

According to the technical analysis of the Shree Renuka Sugars, the stock can only give good profits when it crosses the resistance of Rs. 58 with a strong candle.

Renuka Sugars share price target 2026

As we mentioned above the Renuka Sugar company’s fundaments are not good. So, if you are an investor who doesn’t want to take any risk then avoid the stock until everything is good in the financials of the company.

According to the business model, the company looks very attractive and has given good returns in the past few years. Do not invest in any stock based on its previous returns.


Is Renuka Sugas a good stock to buy?

Renuka Sugars is one of the leading companies in the sugar industry in India and the world. As the company is also work in many products. But the problem is that the finances are not looking very strong.

What is the target price of Renuka Sugars in 2024?

We shared a chart above, you’ll see in the chart that the Renuka Sugars stock is trading in the range from the last few months. Not it is at a level from where it can give a breakout or breakdown. If it gives a breakout, it will go up; if it gives a breakdown, it will fall.

Is Renuka Sugar DEBT free?

No, Renuka Sugars is not DEBT free. As of 2 September, there are approx Rs. 4,131.15 Cr DEBT on the company.

Final Words: There is no doubt that Shree Renuka Sugars has given a massive return in the last few years. As of now, the stock has been consolidating for the last few months and there are also many things in the fundamentals of the company which is not good for long-term investing. So, do your research before investing if you want to invest.

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