Online Casino Gamification: A Future for Player Engagement

The online gambling industry is all about trends. Whether it’s slots based on TV shows, larger than life bonuses, or emerging tech, it never fails to impress. Player engagement has been somewhat of a trend in the past few years, with casino sites putting a clear focus on gamification.

Online Casino Gamification

As technology moves forward, operators must think of new ways to keep players engaged. Simply throwing them a bonus bone isn’t enough. Players need to be engaged on a completely different level, while casinos keep their traditional elements relevant. Gamification offers a new pathway to player engagement, and is widely considered the future of online gambling.

How Does Gamification Increase Player Engagement?

Gamification means more than just making slot games look more like video games. It’s a process that involves incorporating video game-like elements into traditional casinos. By adding new layers of interactivity and rewards, players are supposed to get more interested. It has been working well so far and attracting the younger population of players. You can check the Casino Days website to see how it all works and try to spot the gamification inclusions.

There are several levels of gamification in casinos, and they have the same goal – keeping players entertained. In slots, the visuals are quickly closing the gap with video games. Developers are adding storytelling elements, missions, and other features that are common for video games but not for slots. Skill-based bonus rounds are incorporated too, which keep players engaged and involved in the game than simply betting and spinning reels. The most modern gamified slots will allow you to play them like a video game but without a special controller.

This new age movement has also brought storytelling to the masses. Slots already featured a bit of a background, but the storytelling elements nowadays are on a completely different level. Take Play’n GO’s Reactoonz, for example. The sci-fi opera introduces whole new species of aliens with names, while the background story of Dr. Toonz and how it all came to be is explored in a spinoff.

Using your skills to beat the biggest bosses like in video games adds a whole new layer of entertainment. We never knew slots can evolve past the lever and reels, but thanks to gamification, we’ve been proven wrong.

And it’s not just slots. Visual and storytelling elements as well as skill-based rounds are added to other casino games as well. In the future, this will continue to be the case, until we finally get games where skills, and not just luck, will be key to hitting the biggest scores.

Bonuses and Promotions

It’s not just games that are being gamified. Online casinos are using their most powerful PR tool – bonuses and promotions to engage players on a higher level. How do they do that? By offering daily, weekly, or monthly missions which lead to unlockable content. By content, we mean bigger and better offers and essentially rewards for completing missions. Just like when you explore and finish top side quests in a video game.

Of course, this time you won’t get a sword, but possibly a batch of free spins with no or low wagering. Time-limited challenges seem to be pretty popular at casinos, encouraging players to act quickly. Leaderboards and prize wheels and ladders further push the envelope, offering cool prizes when you hit particular milestones.

In short, casino sites are going fully gamified and players love it. Many think about completing missions as their daily goal as a player, and love the rewards they get. Everyone’s out to earn a bit of extra cash at online casinos, and gamification elevates that experience to a new level.

Live Casino Gaming Reimagined

In live casino games, gamification hits new heights with the introduction of engaging hosts and cool themes. The hosts themselves are part of the gamified experience which captures the essence of each game show. They can comment and engage with the players, and make jokes or drop hints. Instead of a dealer who just announces a win or a loss, new gamified shows are setting the tone for the live casino industry.

By incorporating such elements into the games, live casino gaming is more and more exciting for players. Interactive game shows are probably the next step in the evolution of live casino gaming, and we’re glad it’s already here. The industry needs such as jolt from time to time, and extended gamification seems to be a great idea.

What Does the Future Hold?

The iGaming industry certainly has a bright future ahead of it. There’s no question that it will continue to evolve hand in hand with technological innovation. AI is an emerging trend right now, and it will surely play a key role in the future of online gambling and gamification.

With the help of heavily advanced AI tools, casinos will be able to offer more personalized experiences. Imagine a casino that recommends games tailored to your taste, and prompts you about promotions that you’ll love to get on your hands? AI will redefine the game of gambling by predicting each player’s behavior and fine-tuning the operator’s strategies.

VR and AR will also make for a more gamified experience. Although it’s still in the early stages, VR casino gaming has already been tried and tested. Users have reported having a great time. Being in a virtual room full of avatars you can interact with takes gamification to new, previously unbelievable heights. It might take a while, but VR and AR with it have the power to transform the online gambling experience.


Gamification is getting more aggressive than ever, and we’re glad it’s so. The casino industry is moving forward hand in hand with technology, and new technologies and ideas quickly catch on. Player engagement is one area where casinos were a bit lagging, and with the help of AI and gamification, players are more immersed and locked in than ever.

The concept of gamification is here to stay. Like it or not, casino sites are getting increasingly more fun and rewarding, and it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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