IEX Share Price Target 2023, 2024, and 2025

IEX (Indian Energy Exchange) is an Indian company that mainly works to provide physical energy. IEX stock price has been falling for the last 1.5 years. As you can see in the IEX stock chart you’ll notice the stock is not recovering and trading at the same level from the past few weeks. Let’s check the IEX share price target for 2023, 2024, and 2025.

IEX Share Price Target

Mostly new retail investors don’t have proper knowledge of investing as a result they invest in penny stocks or those stocks that are fundamentally not strong. Sometimes they also invest in stocks that are down by 20 – 30% and they assume that from this level the stock will go up.

If you have also bought the IEX stock at a higher price and as of now facing a huge loss then this post may help you to the IEX share price target prediction based on the experts, fundamentals, news, technical analysis, etc.

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About IEX

IEX (Indian Energy Exchange Ltd) is an Indian government company. IEX is regulated by the CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission). IEX started its work in June 2008. IEX company provided services to many power companies.

Company Fundamentals

In this company’s fundamentals, there is a lot of strength that shows the company is very good but there are also a few negative points in the company fundamentals. So, we are sharing some important fundament data that help you to know more about the company in depth.

Hope you know that while analyzing stocks for investing purpose the company’s fundamentals, shareholding pattern, etc. helps a lot to know whether the company is good for investing or not. If you don’t know how to read a company’s fundamental data, check out some tutorials on YouTube. In a few days, you’ll start to understand it.

Note: The fundamentals of the Hindalco company were last updated on 23 August 2023. Check the latest information on any broker website or screener.

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Revenue Growth (Last 5 Years)

YearRevenues (In Crores)
March 2019294.16
March 2020297.15
March 2021357.39
March 2022477.88
March 2023474.06

Quarterly Results (Last 5 Years)

QuarterTotal Income (In Rs. Cr.)
Jun 202298.35
Sep 202295.20
Dec 2022100.28
Mar 2023107.03
Jun 2023104.04

Company Essentials

MARKET CAPRs. 11,271 Cr
CASH64.49 Cr.
NO. OF SHARES89.17 Cr.
DEBTRs. 0 Cr.
EPS (TTM)Rs. 3.34
ROE40.21 %
ROCE52.62 %

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByHolding %
Other Holders0.0%

Thumb Rules for Investing

Thumb rules for investing are those rules that are base rules to follow for investing purposes. These rules are valid for all stocks but just from these rules, you can not be a good investor. You also have some knowledge of technical analysis and a strong understanding of the sector and company in which you are investing.

Rule #1: Do not invest all the money in one sector’s stocks. No matter what is the future of the sector. In case, you invested all the money in one sector, if the sector faces any issue then you’ll be in a huge loss.

Rule #2: Invest a maximum of 5% – 6% of the total money in any stock. Suppose you have Rs. 1 Lakh the invest only 5000 – 6000 in any stock. This rule is applicable when you are retail, and can not track all the stocks.

Rule #3: Invest in a maximum of 2-3 stocks of a sector. When any sector faces problems then other sectors’ stock will save you from huge losses.

Rule #4: Invest in stock when the stock the available at a 10% low from its 52-week high. Some people invest in stocks at high, and as a result, they do not get good returns on their investments.

Rule #5: Invest in stocks for at least 5 – 7 years to get very high returns. Keep booking the profit from time to time.

Rule #6: Keep averaging the stock if everything is right in the company and the stock is available at a high discount due to any market crash.

Rule #7: Before Investing in any stock make sure you check its fundamental and related news. It will help you to stay away from the stock which can give you huge losses.

IEX Share Price Target

There are a lot of analytics that suggest that the IEX share price will go up and give a very high return in the long term, not the short term. As you can see in the chart the stock has continued falling for the past 1.5 years. So, buying the stock for the short term is not a good idea.

While investing in mid-cap or low-cap stocks, make sure you have an understanding of risk management and technical analysis to get higher returns.

News: Sanjiv Bhasin the director of IIFL Securities said the stock’s future is very bright for upcoming years. They also said the IEX share price target is Rs. 300. It means the investors can get a huge return in the upcoming years. News source: The Economic Times.

Note: We are not SEBI registered and we do not take any responsibility for any loss or profit. We are sharing this post only and only for educational purposes. We strongly suggest you do your own analysis (fundamental and technical) before investing in any stocks.

IEX share price target 2023

There is a trend line in the weekly chart of IEX’s share price target. For the IEX share price target of 2023, the stock should give a breakout. If it breaks the trendline with a breakout then we can see can target near Rs. 140 – 150 in 2025.

IEX trendline

In case the IEX stock does not give any breakout or the breakout fails then there is no target for it.

IEX Share Price Target 2024

Currently, we are in mid-2023 and the stock is falling very badly it is expected that the stock will fall more in the short term. As per fundamental data, the company is improving and most probably it will go up in the upcoming year.

IEX share price target for 2024 is Rs. 150 – 170. Kindly do your own proper research before investing and keep your eye on the news of this stock.

IEX Share Price Target 2025

The stock price moves very slowly and if everything goes right we can see a good bull run in the stock. A lot of professionals also suggest that the stock can create a new all-time high in the upcoming years but there is no expected date for it.

You are an investor, most probably you’ll hold the stock for a long time. So, our advice to you is to keep checking the chart in a higher timeframe and don’t forget to check the news also.

If everything goes right in the stock the IEX share price target for 2025 can be near Rs. 200+. Always check chart patterns to know what can happen in the future of the stock.


What is the target of the IEX share price?

In the article, we shared the IEX share price target for 2024 and 2025. It is expected that it should touch the price but do not buy before your own proper research. You can check the target price above.

What is the future of the IEX Share?

As you know it is a government company and it works in physical electric supply. So, the future of the stock is good but it is hard to say whether it will perform well or not. So, plan your investments properly.

Final Words: There are a lot of investors who suggested that the IEX share price will go high in the upcoming years. In this post, we share the IEX share price target, which will help you in your own research. This post is only for educational purposes not for any buying or selling tips. We also covered many stock prices like this you can check on

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