The Explosive Alliance: How eSports and iGaming Are Shaping the Future of Entertainment

Computer and online games have long become more than just entertainment. More and more young people are joining the world of online games, and some are making it their profession. It’s not just a game anymore, it’s a full-fledged sport – eSports. eSports is looking to join forces with iGaming to improve the interests of sports fans.

Undoubtedly, eSports is starting to gain momentum and has already become a highlight on several platforms like Bettilt. With this growth, iGaming is joining forces with eSports and making the interest more relevant. Keep reading to find out more!

The Growth of eSports

For several years electronic sports, also known as eSports, were seen as uncertain. This is because the taste for games was never enough to mean investment. However, the truth is that the strong investment in this industry quickly boosted several games, such as:

  • League of Legends;
  • Dota 2;
  • Counter Strike; 
  • FIFA; 
  • Rainbow 6; 
  • Fortnite.

Growth became relevant and several companies wanted to grow together. Furthermore, iGaming joined the search for an effective offer to further encourage this growth.

iGaming: What is It?

There are many questions about what iGaming is, and the answer to them all boils down to one thing: betting. In short, it is a category of games where you can bet on the result and other markets, which makes eSports an aspect.

You can read more about it here

Although iGaming in India is somewhat limited, with the lack of a license to explore all games, developments show that the future of entertainment may involve the union of iGaming and eSports.

The impact of eSports on iGaming platforms

There are several markets of interest, but the niche found in eSports is very relevant to the industry. After all, the target audience is much younger, and more open to news and changes. Therefore, eSports make a huge impact on change.

This way, you can play the latest iGaming titles and find several casino games based on these editions. There is a constant evolution of this industry in India and, without a doubt, it always seeks to be constantly new to attract its users.

The Most Sought After Games on iGaming for eSports

Looking at the replicas played outside of India, League of Legends and Counter Strike are the two most sought after games within iGaming, hence the great demand in the Indian market.

In addition to being on the list of most sought after and played games worldwide, within competitive games, they are games of great excitement for many fans. After all, Counter Strike, for example, ends up having many fans who don’t even play the same game, but who like to support the Indian flag and enjoy the emotion experienced inside and outside the game.

Counter Strike

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The future of iGaming within eSports could be closely associated with Counter Strike. Recently evolved into “CS2”, the game has several teams exploring the game, with the recent arrival of SAW at the first Major.

League of Legends

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Although Indian teams are not yet on a global level, there are several well-known names in one of the electronic sports that offers the largest prize pool in eSports.


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Associated with football and for good reason, this is one of the electronic sports that has grown the most. Mainly because several football teams from the main European divisions have invested in this aspect.

What to expect from the near future of eSports and iGaming

Indian’s near future with regard to eSports should be positive, as the constant evolution and demand from users should create some pressure for iGaming entities to put even more pressure on regularizing entities and thus equalize the international offer in India.

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