Top 11+ Free Music Downloads Sites (Updated List)

Do you also prefer to have free Mp3 download sites to get your favorite music? Well, if yes, then indeed you must be looking for the platforms that help you to get access to a wide range of music for free. 

Though various streaming platforms are available, free music download sites are way better in terms of quality and quantity. Most of the users are still confused as to why downloading is a better option and the platforms that offer the downloading facility.

free music download sites

So, let us look at the top reasons that make downloading music a better option than streaming them.

Quick Reasons To Download Music

If you are a music lover looking for the finest quality music to listen to anywhere and at any time, then free music websites are the ones you should look for. Though you can stream as well, the reasons that make downloading a better option are listed down:

  • Downloading allows you to access the music anytime and anywhere irrespective of the internet connectivity, which is not true for streaming.
  • You can download songs for free irrespective of their genre or artist, whereas on streaming platforms, there are certain music locked for premium and paid members only.
  • It allows you to create a library of your own.
  • Downloading is an affordable option for all music lovers, while streaming might not be a feasible option for a few.
  • When you download the songs, you can listen to them without any interruptions like advertisements, but while using free streaming services, there will be multiple advertisements in between. 

So, it is quite clear that a free song download is unarguably the best way to listen to your favorite songs when it comes to music. But the question that arises here in front of many users is, “How can I download music for free?” 

Well, we have a complete list of the best and top music sites that offer you the facility of free music downloads legally. But if you are willing to avoid the choice of download then there are various platforms that allow you to stream music online. If you are planning to check the websites that facilitate streaming, then knowing the unblocked links is a great option. So, if you are willing to stream songs online then you can check the latest links here.

 Let us look at the list of free downloading music sites in the section below.

Top 11+ Free Music Download Sites

The chances of meeting a person who hates music to the core are next to negligible, but you will surely meet people who have a list of songs that they prefer to hear every time. Call it their jam or their taste; music is one such calming source for many.

So, if you are also looking to create your one such list, then we are here with the complete list of the biggest music downloading sites. Here it is:

1. Jamendo



This is indeed the best way to download music. While most of the users think that Jamendo is just for streaming, the fact is that this platform offers both the downloading and the streaming facility to music lovers. Known for the vast library of songs of all genres and various radio station channels, this is very friendly and simple to use.

2. YouTube Audio Library


YouTube is not just known for the video content but is one great platform for audio content too. Loaded with a great collection of songs of all genres, from the global Hits to the Romantic ones, it will offer you a wide range to download. Though there might be a few songs that you cannot download, those with a CC license are free to access. 

3. Internet Archive – Audio Archive


Audio Archive - Download & Streaming

The process to download new music for free has never been so easy, but with this archive, you can get any audio you desire from podcasts, audiobooks, live music, folk music, and a lot more. Though the categorization is a bit confusing still, if you search with a little patience, you will be able to get the best songs in no time.

4. NoiseTrade



Quite peculiarly arranged and designed for ease, this is one of the free music download sites with the most amazing collection of album songs and artists. But to have full access to the songs, the user must get registered with the help of the postal address and email ID; until then the partial access is offered to all the users.

5. ReverbNation



An upcoming platform with perfectly arranged music categories, this is indeed one of the biggest music download sites. Catering to around 4 million artists and users, this platform has become a great place to search for the most classic collection of music with ease. 

6. Audiomack


audiomack music

Another emerging platform is indeed one of the best free MP3 download sites available. The well-arranged platform has sections that include trending, hottest, latest, hip-hop, electronic, and a lot more. With the great collection, it is very easy to use and download songs with just a click. But there is only one drawback: not all the songs are free; there are a few premium paid songs.

7. CCTrax


cctrax music

User-friendly layout, great collection, easy access, and simple to search feature make CCTrax the best way to download music. The list on this platform is vast, allowing you to have complete freedom to select the ones that you are truly searching for. All the songs are available as Creative Common music, so there is no restriction on downloading any. 

8. Bandcamp


bandcamp free music download

If you are looking to download songs for free, then this is the best selection to make. Friendly with all the platforms, be it android, iOS, or windows, this is one with a wide variety of genres and styles. Free access is to a limited number of songs only, but still, one can use the platform without any registration needed.

9. Musopen


Pop, rock, jass, classical, to bands, this is a platform with the most extensive music collection of all kinds and eras. Allowing free music downloads legally, the user can search the music based on various search options like composer, artist, performer, instrument, release period, and even style. 

10. BeatStars


Comparatively a recent platform for the free song download, this is one with a friendly user interface. Though the platform is free, to download the music, the user must submit the email ID in terms of security and safety. Now a pretty common website, it is known for varied genres and songs based on moods.

11. DatPiff


To download new music for free, DatPiff is indeed the best platform. With the simple monochromatic look, this is aesthetic in nature and quite simple to access. Known best for rap and hip-hop, it has a wide collection of songs from the most famous artists, latest releases, and various other genres.



Music is indeed one thing that is loved by all. With so many options to download songs for free, the platform allows users to enjoy and have fun by creating their personalized music list. Just make sure that when you are downloading the music, the platform you are using is completely legal and safe.


How can I download music for free?

Though all platforms have different ways to download songs, the basic process remains the same. The user needs to search for the music based on artist or genre, and then once done, clicking on the download option will start the process.

Are the music download platforms safe and legal?

The music download sites are free, safe, and legal to use. But while you download, make sure to check the CC license-free content so that there will be no issues later on.

Are there any other alternatives to these music download sites?

Yes, you can use various other sites to download the music apart from the ones mentioned above. A few notable ones are SoundCloud,, Audionautix, and Tribe Of Noise.

Why can I not download all the songs available?

Though the platforms offer a free download facility, there are still chances that few of the songs will have some special premium facilities. This will restrict you from downloading the song without fulfilling the registration or payment condition.

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