Expert Advice on How to Make Money with Sports

The sports industry accommodates many stakeholders who reap from the multibillion-dollar industry. However, there are limits depending on the investment one can afford to make, skills and talents, as well as the risks involved for epalle with wagers on NFL expert picks and other sports. 

How to Make Money with Sports

Consequently, you will find world billionaires who own sports teams like Sheikh Mansour and Stan Kroenke have a bigger pie of the market share compared to smaller players in the industry. 

Here are some of the ways key players make money in the sports industry. 

1. Professional Athletes

Talent is one of the key competitive advantages in the sports industry. Skilled and talented players earn billions of dollars each year from various sports. 

For instance, Lionel Messi, who is a football player for Paris Saint-German, is the highest sports personality today. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is the highest-paid basketball player in the world. 

Also, on the list of the top paid athletes across the globe are Tennis players Roger Federer and Naomi Osaka, cricketer Virat Kohli, and baseball pitcher Max Scherzer. 

If you have a talent in any sports, you can focus on improving your skills to become a professional player and join players in major leagues. 

2. Investing in Professional Sports Teams

Besides benefiting from being talented as a player, you can also reap from the sports industry through investing in teams. Even though this side of the business is capital-intensive, the yields are great. 

Top on the list of successful entrepreneurs who are earning high returns on investments includes Jerry Jones who owns the Dallas Cowboys, the Steinbrenner family of New York Yankees, and the entity Madison Square Garden Sports of New York Knicks. 

Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich are the top three most valuable teams in the football industry. All are owned by the club members. 

Other popular teams, including Manchester United, Liverpool, and Manchester City owned by the Glazer family, John Henry & Tom Werner, and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan respectively, are also among the top most valued sports teams in the world. 

3. Investing in Sports Odds

The current market size is approximately $100 billion and it is projected to grow to more than $170 billion by 2026. 

The sports investing industry is two-sided, with the investors of betting companies on one side and gamblers on the other who bank on NFL predictions

The top three sports betting companies make billions of dollars every year. 

4. Gamblers

On the other side of the betting, business are the gamblers. Fans can make money out of their passion for sports by making precise predictions on future matches. 

Whether one wins on a bet depends on his or her level of experience as a fan, analytical skills, as well as access to expert advice such as statistics and trends that aid in decisions. 

While investors of betting companies may be certain of return on investment, gamblers risk losing their stake money. However, luck punters win prizes and jackpots that are higher than their stakes, making it an attractive, and easy way to make money. 

Gamblers are always warned to limit their behavior and play responsibly since it can be addictive and could lead to devastating financial losses. 

5. Sports Journalism

People have made a career out of reporting sports news and events. Sports fans yearn for updates in the sports world and future fixtures. Keeping them in the know has employed many people who work as content creators through their blogs, newspaper column writers, sports news editors, and most recently, vloggers and influencers through social media. 

Besides news and fixtures, fans rely on media platforms to pick up trends and statistics that help them in betting. Since journalists in this field are an embodiment of knowledge of sports, they can apply their analytical skills to help in game prediction. 

Consequently, sports reporters are currently including betting odds on their sites to attract more fans. 


The vastness of opportunities in the sports industry makes it attractive to many people from different business perspectives who want to make money. 

The biggest share of the industry goes with the big investors like the owners of sports clubs and betting companies who analyze NFL picks and get odds. 

Luckily, more people are now participating in the sports business industry through increased accessibility that has been made possible by digital innovations. Such developments have led to growth and an optimistic outlook on the industry.

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