What’s the Best eSIM for Europe in 2024 [Full List]

No matter whether you are planning a trip to Europe or other international regions, eSIMs have become increasingly popular, because it doesn’t need to replace your existing SIM cards, and cost less than physical SIM cards but help you maintain mobile connectivity in stable performance while staying abroad. However, according to different demands, selecting a suitable eSIM service for a European trip needs to consider different aspects, such as duration, data limit, price, or network stability. 

So in this article, we have collected the 5 best eSIMs for Europe with detailed reviews provided to help you better decide which one to choose. Now, keep reading and select the one before you leave for Europe.

Top 1. MicroEsim

  • Supported systems: iOS, Android
  • Available duration: 1-30 days (60-day option is available for some regions)
  • Available data limit: 1GB to unlimited
  • Price starts from: USD 1.42

With over 120 countries supported, MicroEsim can cover most European countries to provide a stable network connection to help you stay here can be connected all the time, no matter whether you are in a modern city or places in rural. MicroEsim ensures consistent 5G LTE speeds in different Europe regions, which can maintain smooth browsing, video calls, and streaming on the go without lag.

This eSIM for Europe offers high-speed data but only at a very competitive price. For sure the pricing will vary based on which European countries you are going to stay in, but they still cost from the lowest USD 1.42 only, which is more competitive than many other eSIM service providers.

MicroEsim also provides customized services to let you design your data plan without paying for any extra cost. The distribution will be completed within 12 seconds quickly. Also, equipped with easy activation operation, MicroEsim can be easy for everyone to set up and quickly get started using while just landing in Europe. All these features have made MicroEsim the best eSIM card for Europe.

Top 2. Airhub

  • Supported systems: iOS, Android
  • Available duration: Every month (at least 15 days)
  • Available data limit: Starting at 10GB
  • Price starts from: USD 11

Airhub offers a wide range of eSIM plans covering more than 190 countries all over the world, including many European regions. More than providing simple data options, Airhub also offers plans containing voice minutes and SMS. For users who need to make calls or send messages while staying in Europe, Airhub also offers such bonus plans with both services provided to select.

However, Airhub doesn’t offer as many plans as other eSIM service providers for Europe. Generally, it only provides 3-5 plans for each country. Moreover, most of its plans are offered every month (you have to start with the plan at 15 days at least). Therefore, Airhub is better suitable for users who are planning to stay in Europe.

Top 3. Airalo

  • Supported systems: iOS, Android
  • Available duration: 7-180 days
  • Available data limit: Starting at 1GB
  • Price starts from: USD 5

Airalo offers more optional eSIM plans for Europe. It allows users to choose eSIM service for exact European regions and also offers regional eSIMs directly covering Europe’s 39 countries. Therefore, for travelers who are planning to spend time in more places, Airalo’s eSIMs for Europe can be rational picks to consider. It ensures flexible data switching, making it possible for you to stay connected even when you are moving from one country to another.

Another key advantage of Airalo can also be its user-friendly operation – you can complete the eSIM for Europe purchase and activate it before leaving home, avoiding the hassle of finding a local SIM upon arrival. With Airalo, you can surely enjoy your European adventure with affordable and speedy data connectivity.

Top 4. Nomad

  • Supported systems: iOS, Android
  • Available duration: 1-30 days
  • Available data limit: Starting at 1GB
  • Price starts from: USD 1.30

Nomad is also one of the best choices if you are looking for a reliable and friendly eSIM for Europe. Like Airalo, Nomad also offers optional plans for single European countries, and also a whole region according to your needs. However, compared with Airalo, Nomad is more affordable, with short-term plans available to select (at least 1 day). As a result, if any of you only want to stay in Europe for less than 1 month (30 days at max), Nomad will be an economical eSIM for Europe to select. 

As for Nomad’s service, you don’t need to worry because it is designed with an intuitive interface and also friendly operations to activate as well as access the data connectivity. Overall, this can be an ideal eSIM for Europe, especially targeted at travelers.

Top 5. Saily

  • Supported systems: iOS, Android
  • Available duration: 7-30 days
  • Available data limit: Starting at 1GB
  • Price starts from: USD 3.99

Saily is famous for its fast network connectivity speed, making it one of the best eSIMs for Europe that many users will consider. It covers different countries of Europe, offering flexible plans with data limits starting from 1GB. However, as Saily only offers country-specific options, it will cost you more if you are going to stay in different European countries during your trip. 

The friendly design of Saily makes its data romaning function quite easy to get started and navigate. Till today, it has accumulated lots of loyal users and become a good option for global travelers. But to get Saily’s seamless services, you probably need to cost more as it is not the most affordable one.

FAQs of Selecting eSIMs for Europe

Can I Get an eSIM for All European Countries?

Yes. Most eSIM service providers, including MicroEsim, offer plans for 30+ European countries at the same time, including Airalo and Nomand which we just introduced above. But there are still some eSIMs that can only be bought in single countries. Therefore, you’d better make sure that you are selecting the right eSIM plans before completing the payment.

Can I Have Europe eSIM with Phone Numbers?

Definitely yes. Some eSIMs for Europe will offer plans with voice calls and SMS services. If you choose these options, you will surely receive a phone number to activate Europe eSIM for use.

However, it should be noted that although some carriers offer eSIMs with phone numbers, these eSIM’s operations are still somewhat different from those of regular SIM cards. Therefore, if you obtain such an eSIM, it is recommended that you fully understand its functions by consulting with your carrier before traveling.

In Conclusion

To conclude, there are flexible eSIMs for Europe on the market that are available to select. Based on your own needs, you can surely find the plan at a reasonable price, fast connectivity, sufficient data, and even bonus services (voice calls and SMS) for single countries or the whole of Europe. Among all of the introduced options, MicroEsim brings stable and quick services at the most affordable pricing. You can try it as your eSIM for Europe before starting the journey.

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