Top 13 Advantages of Using Powerpoint Presentation Revealed for You

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are required to share some information visually? Well, you can always use a PDF or Doc format, but that is truly not visually appealing or even easy to read.

This is where you land on PowerPoint Presentations or PPT. Though there are various advantages of using PowerPoint presentations, knowing them is important to ensure the correct usage. 

So, let us explore the advantages of PowerPoint in this article.

Top Benefits of Powerpoint

Before we move to find the benefits of PowerPoint presentations, the first question to answer is, “what is the use of PowerPoint?”

Well, when you are looking forward to showcasing some information or data in a visually appealing format, PPT is the best solution. It is one of the software from Microsoft Office and is highly recommended for formal and informal presentations. 

Now, based on the same, the major benefits of PowerPoint are as follows:

1. Widely Accepted Format

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One of the biggest advantages of using PowerPoint presentations is its widespread acceptance. Being one of the most popular programs, you can easily use this to create files and share them with the people around you. 

2. Easy Download and Install

It is presentation software that is very easy to download and install. You can install it online as well with the license. This enables you to create the graphics required for your presentation nearly anywhere with your user license.

3. Create Interesting Presentations

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One of the benefits of PowerPoint Presentations is that it allows you to create quite interesting presentations. The animation, images, transitions, combinations, display, and background allows you to create eye catchy and interesting presentations, which is a must.

4. Easy Customization

There are chances that every single slide needs to be different. In such a case, you can easily customize them with the help of pre-defined templates available. This is a unique feature of PowerPoint, which makes it a highly viable option to use. 

5. Multiple Export Options

PowerPoint has the unique benefit of allowing you to export the entire presentation or specific sections in several different formats. This is one of the advantages of PowerPoint that allows you to use PDF, JPEG, GIF, and other formats without altering the, 

6. Compatibility

Additionally, PowerPoint presentations may be made available on a wide range of gadgets, and you always have the option to choose what information is displayed. You can access a PPT from multiple devices without hampering the arrangement or content entered.

7. Simple To Use

This is one of the advantages of PowerPoint that allows you to make quality presentations in no time. You can add handouts, footnotes, and other information, making this one of the most used applications. 

8. Flexibility and Creativity

If you are looking for an application that offers you flexibility and creativity in one place, this is the one. You can easily change and add various multimedia options to make the presentation interactive and informative. 

9. Available Online and Offline

PowerPoint allows you to work online or offline depending on what works best for you and a certain presentation. Depending on what they are creating and for what purpose, many PowerPoint users employ both modes.

10. Collaboration and Sharing

For sharing and working together with team members, PowerPoint is great. Team members can offer feedback to edit. Additionally, you can collaborate online with others using PowerPoint or upload your desktop-created presentation to the cloud.

11. Affordable Option

If you are looking for an application that helps you stay professional and informative but within the budget, then PowerPoint is one for you. This advantage of PowerPoint makes it one of the most used software in professional industries. 

12. High Level Of Suitability

This is an application that is suitable for both beginners as well as advanced users. Its versatile feature ensures that it is perfect in both hands and allows one to use their fundamental skills to deliver the best.

13. Easy Conversion And Printing

This is one of the biggest advantages of using PowerPoint presentations. You can easily convert it to PDF or Doc format. Also, you can easily print the PPT with notes and everything without hampering design and content.

Common FAQs

Is PowerPoint useful for all industries? 

When it comes to the usability of PowerPoint, there is no doubt that it has wide applicability. From teaching to the corporate world, it is used in every industry, making it quite a vital application to learn. 

What all customization features are available in PowerPoint?

One of its main advantages is that everything in Microsoft PowerPoint is customizable. Everything about the slide, from the background color to the text color and style to how the images are displayed, can be changed here.

How do you use Microsoft PowerPoint step by step?

The steps to follow to create the PowerPoint Presentation are as follows:

➥ Start a blank presentation
➥ Type text into your title slide
➥ Insert slides as per requirement
➥ Add content to slides. It can be words, images, or even videos
➥ Change the design to suit your content and aim
➥ Add animations and transitions (optional)
➥ Save your presentation
➥ Display your presentation
➥ Print your presentation, if needed

Can you add audio to PowerPoint?

The biggest benefit of PowerPoint is that it allows all kinds of multimedia to be incorporated. Your PowerPoint presentation can include audio elements like narration, music, and soundbites. Your computer must be fitted with a sound card, a microphone, and speakers to be able to record and playback any audio. Choose the desired slide, then select Insert > Audio.

What are the 3 types of transitions in PowerPoint?

Transitions can be divided into three categories: subtle, exciting, and dynamic. When you click on the effect you wish to use, a short preview of how it will appear on your slide will appear.


With so many advantages of using PowerPoint presentations, we need to learn to stay ahead in the competitive environment. Though it is easy to learn and use, you might take time to catch the same flow and process as a beginner. Students and professionals, everyone can use PowerPoint.

It is a very classy way to present information as well as present it before an audience. Additionally, you can merge the highest level of creativity to make the presentation interesting and captive.

So, it’s time to learn and use it to the best of our efforts to gain all the benefits of PowerPoint.

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