14 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites Revealed

There are many sports that are worldwide popular and millions of people go and watch them in the playground. The people who can not go there, watch sports on their TV, Mobile phone, etc. online by paying some money. On the other side, there are also a lot of best free sports streaming sites to watch sports for free.

free sports streaming sites

I hope you know there are also a lot of apps and websites that charge a lot of money to watch live sports on their device but on the other side there are also many sites that allow users to watch sports without any subscription and charge.

Actually, these types of websites are against the law, and once the officials find these types of websites they ban them permanently. But there are various methods to access these banned sites, unblocking these types of sites with the help of a VPN is a trendy method.

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As mentioned earlier these types of free sports streaming or movie downloading sites can harm you. It may steal your data, check your IP address, and other information.

It is strongly recommended to use to good VPN that can protect you all information and data and keep your device safe. Below are some VPNs we personally use and recommend for you.

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Sports Streaming Sites

The websites we shared below are being used by millions of people regularly. Through the below-shortlisted websites, you can watch almost all the sports live. The maximum websites that we shared below are working and provide live sports without interruption.

We are sharing multiple websites to stream sports live. In these shortlisted websites some can be free (use VPN to access) and some are paid, where you have to pay some money on a monthly or yearly basis (depending on you).

Here we are sharing some legit sites where you don’t need any VPN and you have to face a lot of useless ads to watch your sport. On the next side, there are some sites that are 100% free and you can use them with the help of a VPN.

Legit Sports Streaming Sites

Below are some platforms where you can watch sports for free. In the below shortlisted legit sports streaming sites, you may need a subscription to watch the sports but there are also some platforms where you don’t need any subscription to watch some sports like Desiney+ Hotstar.

▶ Disney+ Hotstar (Watch some sports free)

Disney+ Hotstar is a popular platform for watching movies, live TV, live sports, web series, etc. Hotstar is very popular for watching live sports, not only do you want to watch sports but you want to watch anything that is available on the Hotstar TV networks.

A few months ago as of 30 October 2023, Disney+ Hotstar announced that you watch IPL for free without any subscriptions. If you are also one of those people to enjoy watching cricket then you can use the platform for free.

Note: Disney+ Hotsar is available in only some countries like India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. In Singapore, Canada, and the UK it is available as Hotstar.

▶ Jio Cenama (Free, available in India only)

Jio Cenama

If you are from India then most probably you’ll love the app a lot. Because this app is free and on the app, you can watch many sports for free and there are also thousands of movies, web services, and TV shows available.

A year the Jio Cinema bought the copyright to start live streaming the Cricket on the platform for free. Now, millions of people use the Jio Cenama app to watch their favorite sports.

The problem is that the app is only available for Indians, which means if you are living outside India then it can be difficult for you to use the Jio Cinema app.

▶ YouTube TV

YouTube is a well-known video platform where millions of videos are available. YouTube TV is a product of YouTube, as the name suggests that the app is also related to the TV.

On YouTube TV you can also watch a lot of sports, TV shows, movies streaming on the TV network, etc. On YouTube TV there are a lot of TV networks available like ABC, cbx, FOX, NBC, amc, ESPN, TNT, FS1, CNN, Comedy Central, and many more.

As we know, a lot of smart TVs are based on Android and Android is also a product of Google. Through YouTube TV, you can stream directly on your TV using Fire TV, Samsung, Chrome Cast, Google TV, LG, and many more.

YouTube TV is premium but YouTube TV offers a free trial for everyone, you can watch 1 month of YouTube TV for free then you have to pay only $20 for your first 3 months, later you have to pay %52.99 per month.

▶ Hulu


Hulu is another top-rated platform among millions of users because the platform is almost free i.e. the subscriptions on the platform are very low which is why people use the platform to watch their sports.

On Hulu there are 90+ top TV channels available, so you can not only watch sports but you can watch a lot of things like movies, news, etc. with the help of a wide range of TV channels that are available on the Hulu platform.

Different channels are available for different countries, you can use a VPN to watch any channel just by switching to a VPN server. Above we shared a few VPNs list that works great with Hulu and many other platforms.


ESPN+ is another very popular platform for watching different sports like football, cricket, golf, chess, WWE, and many more. ESPN+ is available in many countries including India, USA, and many more.

ESPN Plus is a well-known TV channel that is only created for sports streaming. As the channel is only for the sports channel, it can deliver very high-quality content of sports.

The good thing about ESPN+ is that there is a lot of top content already uploaded on their official website and anyone can watch them for free without any signup process and credit card.

▶ Fubo

Fubo is another very popular platform that only focuses on sports. Fobo TV is a well-known platform but this is paid, you need to buy their subscription plan to watch the Sports.

While many platforms like YouTube TV provide a month’s subscription for free Fubo TV only provides 7 7-day free trial.

In Fubo TV there are multiple channels you can watch by taking their subscription play. There are three subscription plans i.e. Pro, Elite, and Premier. Each plan subscription fee is different and starts from approx $75 to $95 for a month.

▶ Prime Video

Prime Video is a product of Amazon and before a few years, it became very popular. Amazon Prime Video is present in many countries.

The real difference that makes Amazon Prime Video different from other platforms is it provides a lot of live TV channels where you can watch sports as well as other content like drama, movies, etc.

On Prime Video, you can also watch a lot of movies and web services in very high quality without ads. There can be some content that is not unlocked but you can unlock and watch it with the help of VPN.

▶ Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is a well-known brand and does the same as other platforms i.e. movies, TV shows, web series, sports, etc. The problem with the platform is it is not available in many countries.

You can visit Paramountplus.com to check if it is available in your counties or not. Paramountplus will be soon available in many countries like Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, Poland, Sweden, and many more.

▶ Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is also a very popular platform in the US for watching movies, web series, TV shows, sports, online news, and many more content. With the Sling Freestream, you can watch more than 400+ TV channels through this platform.

As we already mentioned above the platform is popular in the US because it is only available in the US. For other countries as of now, it is not available.

With the help of a VPN by connecting with a US server, you can use the Sling TV from any country.

Unlegit Free Sports Streaming Sites

In this list, I have not only included unlegit sites but also both sites Legit/Unlegit like Fox Sports, CBS Sports, Facebook Watch, and Live Soccer TV. You know The Unlegit-free sports streaming sites are usually not safe because they can easily track you can install a lot of viruses on your device. The real problem is IP address, these sites can easily get your IP address. You should use a good VPN to keep your ID address safe.

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1. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch is one of the most significant and well-liked free sports streaming websites. You can think about watching the live stream of almost any athletic event on this website. You can get a list of all the live matches you may stream on its webpage.

The website also offers classic details about teams, players, and sports, and various other things that makes watching games quite interesting. Various video formats, such as HD, 1080p, and Full HD, are available for content.

Disabling Adblock before visiting this website could be necessary. Without creating an account, the website offers live sporting events. 

Also, check out the top 17 Stream2Watch Alternatives, and Vipleague Alternatives.

2. LiveScore


This website was initially created to provide live scores for sporting events, but as it grew in popularity, the creators added live streaming of sporting events. You can also download the LiveScore app for mobile devices if you’d like.

This website has a very straightforward and user-friendly design. All current athletic events are listed on the homepage, and you may use the navigation to browse for forthcoming games. You can use this website to watch live games of many different sports, like soccer, basketball, tennis, and more.

Download App for Android and iOS

3. CricHD

The website CricHD offers free live streaming of sports events. On this website, you can search for and see streaming links displayed through its own media player. You may watch all major sports events here, including NBA games and soccer matches. But as of right present, CricHD is not available everywhere. But to access this website, it might be appropriate to use a VPN or proxy.

See Also– and if you’re searching for free movie and tv shows streaming sites then try these viooz, couchtuner, 123movies, solarmovie, with including alternative sites also.

4. CrackStreams

If you are looking for a free sports streaming site, then this is one to go for. It enables you to stream all of your preferred games online. Without creating an account, the website offers live sporting events. To begin streaming sporting events, simply click on the links. This website provides various free streaming options for sports, including NBA, UFC, football, baseball, and more.

5. Buffstreams

The USPs of Buffstreams include high-quality sports and high-quality streaming services. Buffstreams is the largest sporting hotspot without registration. You may watch live feeds of the NBA, boxing, NFL, and other sports on this website. You find the pop-up advertising a little annoying.

For live streaming matches, a fast internet connection is never necessary. Buffstreams readily provides the whole schedule for all sports events.

6. Fox Sports

fox sports go

This is one of the free sports streaming website that needs no introduction. Defining the quality of the visuals and fantastic sound, this website has been at the top of the list.

It is a premium website which makes it one of the most demanded. You can view various sporting events using your computer or a mobile device. You can add your favored players, teams, shows, and more.

The sports streaming website also features a complete calendar of sporting events.

7. LiveTV

It is known for displaying amazing highlights of your favorite games in the sports world. For sports fans to stay up, it updates competitions, games scheduled for the future, games that have already been played, live games, live streams, and many more. Since it is available worldwide, it covers almost all games. There are also messaging channels where fans may discuss any sport.

8. CBS Sports

Most of the NBA, NFL, MLB, football, NHL, MMA, NCAA, NGO, and other footage is included, along with the news. Users can also download the CBS Sports app for mobile live sports streaming. Users may need to register or sign up to stream on this website. You may anticipate some official, high-quality streaming from this website because CBS is such a large network. If you have never visited this website, you should do so.

Download App for Android and iOS

9. SportSurge

You may access popular sporting events through SportSurge. You can view past, present, and upcoming events on the site’s comprehensive schedule.

The newest athletic events are available to watch in HD. Currently, this service offers live streaming for various sports, like boxing, MMA, basketball, racing, football, and hockey.

The embedded streaming links come from external streaming sources. Although this website’s layout is free of advertising, you might see some while watching live sports.

10. Facebook Watch

This is the world’s most popular social media that one should try. Being linked to one of the most visited social media platforms allows users to explore unlimited features and benefits. Significant sports highlights can be seen for free on Facebook Watch. Videos of many sports are available for search. It enables you to respond to internet sports footage by sharing and commenting.

11. VIPRow

Given how user-friendly and quick to use the website is, VIPRow offers an interface that is very simple to use. This website offers live streaming connections for various sports, including handball, basketball, baseball, and football.

You may view a huge selection of sports videos right here. Many pop-up advertisements are displayed on this page, which might be a little unpleasant.

12. Roja Directa

This website is quite established, so you can rely on it to secure streaming connections and serve registered and unregistered users. You can watch every game on this platform because it gives you access to all video links.

This website offers content in multiple languages and is fairly well known. Thanks to Roja Directa’s sleek user interface, you won’t encounter any difficulties looking for live streaming links.

13. Live Soccer TV

This is a free sports streaming site that mainly focuses on soccer. Additionally, you can also enjoy rugby and cricket. There is also a space where you can read about upcoming events in the sports world. The layout is simple and friendly. You just need to click on the link, and you are ready to get started.

14. CricFree

The main focus of the sports streaming website Crickfree is cricket. However, this website also offers streaming connections for various other sports, including NBA, NFL, cricket, boxing, baseball, WWE, and MotoGP.

The UI of Crickfree is incredibly easy to use. It might be annoying when pop-up ads continue to appear incessantly. Without a doubt, Cricfree is a great streaming platform for sports fans, particularly cricket aficionados.


So, if you are a sports fan looking forward to the free sports streaming sites, you should try the ones listed here. Although these are quite easy to use, there are chances that you may be required a VPN at times.

Ensure to have a steady and speedy internet to have enjoyment at the fullest. Additionally, few of these have mobile applications, which is a great deal. 

So, select the site of your choice and get ready to enjoy some fantastic sports.

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